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Yayoi Kusama

By spotogspindel | March 18, 2016

Henie Onstad Kusntsenter (/Artcentre) has a great exhibition these days, and as I´ve been i Oslo, I managed to visit it. It´s filled with art made by Yayoi Kusama, the Japanese artist, who is probably best known for all her polka-dots.


Above is an early painting, an abstract picture of a net or a web. She was so consumed with her work, she could work for  50 hours straight. Later the negative became the positive. Where she used to paint a net, she now started to paint dots. Lots of dots.


Some of her work is quite grand in size. She also had large inter-active pieces. Like this all-white interior, where a guard gave out colored stickers to the audience, and you could place your sticker wherever you wanted. Can you see my blue dot?


She´s now almost 80 years old, but still busy. Below is a copy of a display-window at a big department store in New York, where she´s been working with designer using her dots on everything from pures to glasses.


Some of her more recent paintings. In her earlier work she was very subtle in her color-use. She´s not color-humble anymore…


Another infinity-room, with mirrored walls: Big rice-lamps with black dots, where the light slowly changed colors.


And her polka-dotted pumpkins. A huge shelf filled with them!


The exhibition also showed her early sketches, sculptures, fashion-design, magazines, films, performances, all made by her.


Me in one of her mirrored rooms. Painted yellow with black polkadots. Everywhere you turned were more dots. Because of the mirrors it became infinite. I was actually a bit surprised at how much I enjoyed her work. She might come off as a bit queer, but I have gained a big respect for her through this exhibition, I think she´s a really great artist!

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