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By spotogspindel | October 6, 2016

I´m in Japan! IT´s been a dream for so long, I can hardly believe it´s come true. But here I am, still slightly jet-lagged, but fine. It´s only the first day, and already now I suspect two things strongly: 1. I have to come back! and 2: I did a good thing when I booked through Inside Japan tours. I didn´t have the time to read up on Japan before going, and they´ve just fixed everything for me!

Like the hotel where I´m staying. Andon Ryokan hotel is a small family boutique hotel. With beautiful, authentic art on the corridor-walls. Small rooms which are surprisingly cosy, with their straw floors, soft lighting and minimalistic interior. Super friendly and helpful staff makes it  good place to be.


Today, I started the day with a guide, who helped me straighten everything with the rail and metro. Wow! I would have used a whole day figuring that out without her! She revealed the secret of the Japanese. They are always so serious and super-achievers officially, so they are really crazy, when in private. They like things cute and funny and sweet, with a bit of humor. You can see it everywhere! Like in the marketing board below. (Who would´t want a commercial to look like that – it´s so aesthetic. Even though it probably is just saying. Buy a used car from our trusted car-dealership, or something…) Notice the little bunny-mascot in between there, just o brighten things up. It´s so funny!


Anyway, the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa is one of the oldest in Tokyo, but it had to be rebuilt/restored after WW2. It´s a Buddhist temple, not un-similar to those I´ve seen in China. Beautiful, rich colors, the air filled with incense.


Right next to it was a Shinto-temple, on the same ground. Shinto is the original, Japanese religion, an animalistic religion. Most Japanese follow both religions, although, as the guide explained. Shinto is more a cultural tradition, whereas Buddhism is more a religion. Shinto has some very sympathetic virtues, treating all life as sacred. (Very deep ecology, really)


I do have to share a couple of more materialistic photos as well. Above is a row of washi-paper in a paper-shop. The Japanese pay such attention to detail! Every little thing is decorated in the most artistic way. Aesthetics appears to be so integrated into life here, I really admire that!


And talking of aesthetics, I spent the afternoon in Nippori Textile town. A street with a hundred fabric- & haberdashery-stores. Heaven. I´m in heaven! That is, of course, I keep telling myself I´m not that interested in going to fabric-shops, because I´ve already been to so many, and my attic is full of fabric, I don´t really need anymore. But then… I kind of forget that 🙂 Above is the typically cute Japanese printed crinkled rayon. I was hoping I´d find some before I came, and yeah! I did! And am now owner of a couple of meters I can play with 😀 If had a spare suitcase, I am sure I could fill it with linen. The linen has such high quality both in material and style & design. I did get a little bit of that too, but just a little bit. Can´t be too heavy, when hauling that suitcase around.


Tourist-photo! I didn´t mention it, but it´s summer here! Like really! Reading in the guidebooks, it says autumn is cool. But it was 30 degrees today! So hot with bare feet in sandals. But not complaining! Never! I´d rather be warm than cold!


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One Response to “TOKYO!”

  1. gail Says:
    October 6th, 2016 at 15:16

    How exciting, everything looks so beautiful. I also have a room filled with fabric so I would be in grave danger there . . . and what fun that would be. 🙂