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The Sunnhordland Calender

By spotogspindel | November 14, 2009

I was asked a while ago to contribute to the Sunnhordland calender. Sunnhordland being the region I live, the islands on the west-coast of Norway. Personally I think this is the most beautiful place in Norway, but I might be impartial 🙂

Anyway, the calender has contributions from local artists in this area, and I was asked to do May.

Yesterday I picked up a box of my complimentary calenders:


And here is my picture on the May-page:


The picture is a photo-collage of Siggjo, the volcanic mountain that rules the island. (not to worry: it is extinct!)


I´ve used Siggjo as a motive in many of my pictures, taken from different views. It´s a really lovely shaped mountain, and as there is only one mountain on my little island, you can see it from the whole island. And from quite afar too. 

What else can I tell you? 

Last night was the annual meeting at the local theatre group, Bømlo Musicallaug. I´ve been elected into the board of  and am super-excited about it! The coming year has no big production, so we can focus our work on visions, long-term progress and collaborations. And again: I am so excited! This is the theatre group that has staged some of the biggest outdoor musicals in the country, and has had the Norwegian first night shows on both “Chess” and “Miss Saigon”. (If you haven´t already seen the pictures, please have a look. I have the costume-designs on both of these shows)

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One Response to “The Sunnhordland Calender”

  1. jenea Says:
    November 14th, 2009 at 17:56

    Very beautifull landscape!!! I want to have so good Calendar in my chitchen! 🙂