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The shamer´s daughter

By spotogspindel | November 6, 2014

Tonight was the opeing night of The Shamer´s Daugther at HSH, the teacher´s college. The Danish author Lene Kaaberbøl´s fantasy-novel was the inspiration for this year´s “write-an-opera”-project. So welcome to Dunark, a mediaeval county, and Drakan´s dreaded rule.


Drakan´s dungeon houses a courtyard filled with dragons! You can almost see the dragon here behind the smoke and the bars.


My eight students have made all the set, the props and the costumes in just three weeks. From the soldier´s uniforms, shields and spears, to the smoke-spitting, eye-glowing dragon.


And of course the dungeon/castle itself. Made with a wooden backing, glued down styrofoam which is shaped before adding fabric and glue. And finally painted in layers. They really did a great job! Notice the nice detail with the painted coat of arms. Beautifully designed by Marina, one of the students. She made the big flag, the shields, and smaller emblems for all the soldiers.


The costumes are primary patterned, and quite simple to sew. The variation is in the colors and fabrics.


The shiny, knitted fabric used in the soldiers tunics make them look like armor.


You can´t see it on the blog of course, but the music was really good! The students also made all the music and wrote the lyrics in the same three weeks.


Lots of drama! Seriously! Fantasy isn´t for sissies!


And of course: a happy ending! 😀

These weeks with the students have been so fun and refreshing. They´ve worked really hard, and have been an inspiring bunch.

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