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The Haugesund Health house

By spotogspindel | October 5, 2015

Welcome to the new Health House in Haugesund (Helsehuset). It´s an oasis of service-providers in the centre of town. A big food-store, a post-office, an optician, a physiotherapy-centre, a training-centre, a private hospital and 21 apartments for the elderly. Over 150 people working here, and around 2500 visitor every day! I was so honored when I got the commission to make art for this building!

There are two entrances, form different streets, but the main entrance is from the west, and this big frosted foil decorates the windows there. It´s a two-story high room. Part of the intension was to soften direct sunlight. The motif is a silhouette of Haugesund. Or part of Haugesund anyway. The Risøy-bridge with the two fishermen (an old, well-known statue) and Amanda (a modern statuette given to movie award-winners every year in the annual Norwegian Film Festival.



Below is the foil finished and in place. Unfortunately it´s a bit difficult to see properly.


When you enter the main foajé, there are three textiles hanging from the ceiling. Inspired by fishing-nets, I made three silk nets, sewn together with a golden thread. The nets have the same colors as the staircase-walls, from golden yellow to purple.


“How to catch a mermaid”, silk, thread, 3 pieces of 300×90 cm


The building is 7 stories high, and on each landing in the stairs, I´ve placed a picture. The feature-wall of the staircase changes color for every story. Beginning in the bottom (the garage-floor) with a lemon-yellow. Then it moves on to orange-yellow, orange-red, salmon-pink, cerise-pink, warm purple and finally aubergine. These colors were my guideline for the artwork here.



A street view of Strandgata from around 1920.



I wanted to pay tribute to the city´s history, to all the people who´ve lived here, worked here, loved here… History is not something of the past, it is just something we tend to forget.



Haugesund is still a city with people who live, work and love, a lot of them in the same areas of work. Albeit times have developed the ways. Where is used to be wooden rowing boats with fishermen harvesting the fruits of the sea, now you have an high-tech fleet, supplying the offshore industry who in turn supplies us with oil, gas and fish.



Six nurses on wheels. They were so charming, they just had to be the main focus on the floor of the private hospital.



Another old photo from Haugesund harbor way-back-when. There´s something about sailing-ships, don´t you think?



Haugesund is both mainland, and a couple of nearby islands, attached with bridges, which both are a mian feature in the city-silhouette.




When you´ve reached the 7th floor, you´ve come to the cantina, where all the employees eat. It can also be hired for private parties. The long walls toward the east and west both have windows along , and the view is magnificent. I wanted to add to the feeling of freedom, and added a view towards the south and north too.



The southern wall is just a small one, in the room, where part of the kitchen is hidden. To the north, it is a big wall outdoors, hiding the roof of the next-door hotel. Instead of looking into a dark wall, I made a big picture of 200×300 cm, with a view of the coastline to the north of Haugesund.



This picture is also being used on the key-cards to the building.

On behalf of the constructor, I was also asked to make art as a gift from them to the owners, to be placed in the house. I made these two pictures from old Haugesund, picking up the color-scheme from the staircase. The pictures are placed near the entrance on the 2nd floor. Both are printed on a textile, which is stretched over a light-box. So in the day, they look like ordinary pictures, but at night, magically, they look like lamps!




All in all, this has been a tremendous honor, and such a fun one to work with too! I do hope all the people working and visiting here every day will appreciate the art here.

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One Response to “The Haugesund Health house”

  1. Tore Says:
    October 6th, 2015 at 10:39

    Congratulation with these decorations and nice pictures from old Haugesund. The old sailing-ships and the nurses really fits in.
    Also wish you happy birthday 🙂 however a bit late.