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The big costume-sale

By spotogspindel | August 27, 2016

From quarks to costumes. The Norwegian National Opera in Oslo had a costume sale today. A rare event – the last one I went to was 15 years ago, thought I think I might have missed one in the middle there. A great event – this is top-notch sustainability. High-quality, beautifully crafted costumes sold to be reused by amateur theatre-groups who otherwise could never afford these type of costumes. And a lot of private buyers too, looking for that extra-ordinary outfit for a carnival or Halloween. All the costumes now get a new life!


The house itself is stunning, designed by Snøhetta Architects. It is all in white marble and glass on the outside and birch on the inside, resembling a floating ice-berg, as it slopes into the fjord.


I knew it was going to be popular, so I came early, and was one of the first hundred lucky souls to get in. So much to choose from!


My main task was to find costumes I could use for Peter Pan in January, and I think I found some 🙂 Including some incredibly cool boots for the pirates!


After I hauled it all back to the hotel, I went fabric-shopping. Wool, silks and linen. Whenever I go into a fabric-shop, I always become so inspired – I want to start sewing straight away.

Lucky me, got to have lunch with two of my former students, who both are/have worked at the costume-department at the Opera. Three other former students of mine also work/have worked there, and I am so incredibly proud of them! They are super-talented tailors/pattern-makers/hat-makers!

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One Response to “The big costume-sale”

  1. gail Says:
    August 27th, 2016 at 21:52

    What a beautiful building. And what a fun event – how nice to have a good ‘excuse’ to buy lots of stuff! And fabric shopping can be addictive, at least it is for me (and my guest room stuffed with fabric I haven’t used is proof of that!)