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The Arctic Emigration

By spotogspindel | February 10, 2013

In the assemblage of The Arctic Emigration, I layered my three fabrics on top of each other. First the white linen, then the turquoise silk chiffon and finally the white silk chiffon.

The polar bears were printed on the white chiffon, but on the back of the fabric, all going the same direction (except one 😉 ) To make the fabrics stick together at least a bit, I sewed them together. With a silver thread around the silhouette of each polar bear.

I was a bit nervous about this part, because machine embroidery can be a bit tricky in itself, and sewing with metal-threads are certainly a bit tricky in itself, AND sewing on sheer chiffons can be a bit tricky in itself. So adding three tricky things together…. no wonder I took some time off to procrastination on this.

When I finally talked some sense to myself, it all went like clockwork! I didn´t mess up the fabric a single place! Phew!!

Even though it´s quite light in it´s colors, and I don´t really work a lot with pastels, I am still liking this. It is quite delicate both in it´s materials and in it´s appearance, which I think suits the theme very well: The earth has quite a delicate balance when it comes to global warming, a situation that doesn´t affect only polar bears and other arctic animals, but also humans.

Well, so much for the morality speech. Here is the almost finished piece. I still need a good ending at the top of the wallhanging, I´m thinking I´ll do a hidden hanging.

The fabrics are not sewn down around the edges as you can see. I think this reminds me a bit of the layers of cool colors in the ice. On a ship, there will always be a bit of motion, so hopefully this will work well.

Can you spot the going-the-wrong-way-bear?

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One Response to “The Arctic Emigration”

  1. gail Says:
    February 11th, 2013 at 02:31

    Love that! I’m always amazed at your talent.