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Textiles in Bergen

By spotogspindel | November 7, 2014

October´s textile culture gathering was in Bergen, visiting museums, galleries and other places of interest. A few photos to share some fascinating textiles with you. _MG_0273

First up is perhaps the most exotic one: remnants from an old viking-grave. Which means that the bits a pieces above are around one thousand years old!


The next piece is only a couple of hundred years old, a printed linen waistcoat. The print is made of one single big wooden block.


A couple of embroidered collars for bunad-shirts. One black-works (linen on linen) and one in plant-dyed wool on linen.


Visiting an exhibition of modern printed textiles by Cathrine Rasmussen. Apparently not a lot of people specialize in printing anymore in Norway. It´s an expensive way of making art, and people are much more willing to pay for a painting than for a textile. In the middle ages, it was the opposite. Which is why  you sometimes can see painted drapes in old buildings. They couldn´t afford actual textiles, it was cheaper to paint them! A fact few art-historians bother to mention!


The day also included a visit to Salhus, a former spinning and knitting factory, now museum and home to the Textile conservation services. Such busy days, with such interesting places to see. Only a few weeks to the next gathering, with more cultured textiles to be seen.

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