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Tel Aviv

By spotogspindel | January 13, 2013

I arrived in Tel Aviv rather late, and only had the afternoon/evening to explore this secular city. Taking a stroll along the beach towards Old Jaffa during sun-set:

Jaffa is the oldest part of Tel Aviv, including one of the world’s oldest ports and lots of winding stairs between century old stone houses. Everything was so neat and clean, and I felt right at home. Because this is where I found ART! Real art, handmade. Jewelry, glass, textiles, paintings. I love exploring markets, don´t get me wrong, but there is so much crap there, cheap things that instantly break. So when I got here, and almost everything was high-quality handmade art, it made me really happy! I so wish I had remembered to put the memory-card back in the camera before I left the hotel (arg!)

This funky ballerina puzzled about what she was doing in the harbor set the mood. Not to mention this awesome doll I had to take with me home: An old Jewish and and his cat. They are going up on my art-wall at home, for sure!

Even though I´ve only been here half a day, Tel Aviv seems very different from the other cities I´ve been to. If I come back to Israel, Tel Aviv will certainly be devoted a lot more time!

This post is short, because I don´t have all that much to tell. But tomorrow´s post summarizing my stay here looks like it will be the longest post ever.

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