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Svalbard: dogs and glaciers

By spotogspindel | April 6, 2014

A new day, yet another adventure. This time old-style with dogs and sleighs. I was the passager, Anne the driver. We had 6 dogs pulling the sleigh, and for several hours today, this was my view:


One of our dogs. Some husky, some other breeds, all used to the extreme cold. But still enjoying the sun, like our friend here.


Me and Anne. Unlike the huskies, I´m not bred for this cold. Luckily Anne has more viking-blood i her.


After a long ride, we stopped and entered the Scott Turner Ice cave in the glacier. Or melt-water-tunnel, as it actually is. About 20-25 meters ice above us, surrounded by ice that´s around thousand years old.


The tunnel is almost 2 kilometers long, but a big ice-block was about to break at about 100 meters in, so we didn´t go very far. But certainly far enough to experience this awesome sight!


Overall the melting is more than the snowfall, so the glacier is shrinking and may eventually disappear some day.

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