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Stril Mar

By spotogspindel | March 10, 2016

Simon Møkster Shipping newest offshore vessel just arrived to Norway from the building site in Spain. I made the art for her sister-ship, Stril Luna. And I am so proud to having been asked back to decorate her “twin”. So let me introduce you to Still Mar:


She´s looking a bit intimidating on that dry-dock, isn´t she? (I´ve actually never been onboard a ship on dry-dock, that in itself was interesting) But let´s go onboard!

On the main-deck, you have four common rooms  in a row. The mess, and three lounges like pearls on a string. The ship will most likely be working outside the Northern part of Norway, so part of the commission was to make art inspired from that part of Norway. Luckily I got some old photos that were very inspiring, and I worked with them.


In the mess, a whole wall is filled with a big photo (not mine), so there wash´t room for much more. But I did manage to squeeze in a picture from Lofoten and winter-fishing.


Some of the pictures seen from the mess into the lounge through a decorated window.


Cod-fishing was big in Lofoten. Men from all along the coast travelled up North once a year to be part of the adventure and to earn a living.


Most of the fish was dried and exported, but some was of course sold locally. This is an old fish-market somewhere in Lofoten.


In another corner of the room, hangs this wooden boat.


In the smokers lounge, I have this long picture from one of the towns in Lofoten.



A couple of decks down is the conference-room.


Here hangs a series of light-towers. From Hå (near Stavanger), Lista (the very South of Norway), Haifa in Israel, Slåtterøy in Bømlo and Port Townsend in the USA.







The Captain has already moved into his cabin.


He´s got two pictures. One of an old, wooden rowing boat from Os (Oselvar).


And the other one is actually inspired by Svalbard and glaciers and some of the incredible though natural challenges these men and women had to cope with, way up here in the North.


The chief also has a maritime setting, with the old fisherman and a much newer, wooden boat.



In the hall, on your way into the mess, you´ll find this picture:


All the cabins also have pictures, here are some of them:




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