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Stril Luna

By spotogspindel | July 25, 2014

Stril Luna is the name of Simon Møkster Shipping´s new offshore vessel. It´s a beautiful supply-ship, about 80 meters long, with accommodation for about 25 people. I am very honored and happy to deliver the artwork for this ship.

The ship was Christened a month ago, but is still not finished for another couple of weeks, so there are still bits and pieces not finished, as you can see in the photos below. But once it is all in place, it will be a true beauty!

The ship will be working in the ocean outside the Northern part of Norway, partly in Arctic waters. Therefore the owners wanted the pictures onboard to have a theme of ice and snow. A lot of them have motifs from my visit to Svalbard in April.

Well, it´s time to start our tour, and let´s start in the mess. This is where I´ve placed the “feature”-picture.


“Aurora”, named after the Northern light. 120×180 cm

This is snow from the outside and ice from the inside. Or to explain: one of the layers in this collage is of the ice-wall inside a glacier, 20 meters below the surface! This is what the picture looks like in the room.


Aurora´s sister-picture is called


“Borealis”, 60×80 cm


“Bi-Polar”, 60×90 cm

I met this polar-bear in Svalbard. I have to admit, he was standing quite still in the museum. I don´t really have a secret dream of seeing these animals in person. That doesn´t mean I don´t find them grand!


The mess is in many ways the most important room onboard. Everyone goes there at least 3 times a day, to eat, gain energy and be social. So soon this room will be filled with life!

Next door to the mess is the day-lounge. This is the place to watch tv, talk or just relax.


“Puffin- Nuffin”, 60×80 cm

This is the first English word-play I remember from way back in the early 90s, and finally I could use it! 😉


“The Reindeer rules“, 60×90 cm, printed on plexi-glas.

The Arctic reindeers are not afraid of people, they only have one enemy, and that is the Polar-bear. So you can see them walking in the streets and in-between houses in Svalbard.


The smaller picture of a bird is not mine, it was a gift from one of the suppliers.

The next picture is yet another magical landscape-picture from Svalbard. If you ever have the chance to go there, don´t hesitate. It is truly one of the most beautiful places I´ve ever been. And certainly one of the most exotic!


“Cold Geometry”, 60×90 cm

I placed this picture in the hallway between the mess, the two day-rooms, the stairs and the exit.


Moving on, we enter the smoker´s lounge. Arctic animals are the theme for this room.


“Finnmarcken seal”, 60×80 cm


“Husky holiday”, 70×70 cm

This is actually a contradictory: huskies love to work, that is to run, or drag heavy sleighs. According to people who knows a bit about dogs. The dogs dragging the sleigh I was in, were certainly working! This is the leader-dog taking a rest on top of the glacier.


“Walrus”, 60×80 cm

All the maps are of the Arctic ocean or of Svalbard & Spitsbergen. And this is how they look in the room. (As you can see, there are still some lamp-shades and plants missing here)



Moving down a couple of stories, we find the conference-room.


“Spring”, 90×150 cm

These are mountains not far from Barentsburg.


(Again, you don´t get the right impression without the lamps and chairs in place.)

But let´s not complain, let´s visit the Captain!


“Husky power”, 60×60 cm

I mentioned that huskies love to work. They are powerful animals. And the same traits are to be found in a lot of people. And maybe as an ideal for a captain. Someone who loves to work, and really strain themselves in effort for others.


“Chill-time”, 60×90 cm

The captain also need to rest, he can´t always be on alert. So this is a little fantasy in a picture. While surrounded by icy cold mountains, one is allowed to dream of warm days, resting in the warm rays of the sun.



Across the hallway, is the chief´s cabin.


“Snøfartsnasjonen”, 60×80 cm

His picture has a Norwegian word-play in it. “Sjøfart” means shipping, while “snø” means “snow”… oh, well, it sounds better in Norwegian, trust me on that. It´s difficult to translate.


Finally we come the the first-officers cabin. He´s in for an adventure:


“Arctic Adventure”, 40×60 cm

I hope you´ve enjoyed the tour!

Bon voyage to Stril Luna and her crew! May you sail steady in wind and weather!

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2 Responses to “Stril Luna”

  1. Andrew the Viking Says:
    July 26th, 2014 at 14:46

    Oh Janne, the whole place is gorgeous ! You’ve done a wonderful job, you should be immensely proud! Cheers from oz 🙂

  2. Tore H. Says:
    July 27th, 2014 at 10:47

    What a great job, Janne! Congratulaitions!I really like your art from Svalbard. and the pictures belong in a ship working in the polar area. But is it a sealion? Is’nt it a walrus? Perhaps it dos’nt matter. Cheers from Tore