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Sonja Ocean

By spotogspindel | February 21, 2017

Sølvtrans is a Norwegian shipping company, specialized in transporting live fish. They have two brand new boats in the making, and I am honored to be decorating them.  Yesterday I visited the ship-yard in Gursken, to mount the pictures.

The ship´s Christening is not for yet another couple of weeks, so as you can see in the photos, not everything is in place yet.


This may very well be the largest fishing-boat I´ve ever seen! Too bad there are no people close to it, so you could see how big it really is.

(The following three photos are added to this post long after I visited the ship, to show you what it looks like without the plastic-covered sofas)

_FMA9689 _FMA9723 _FMA9729



Inside the lounge, the interior-decorator wanted wallpaper-art behind the couch. She also requested the color-scheme and the motifs. The sofa is still veiled in plastic, but I think it will look really good together, with the black leather and the “old” oak-flooring.


(And as you can see, the colors are so different in different types of light!)


Opposite of the wallpaper-wall, another sofa rests under the view of the island where the ship has been built.


Finally, next to the windows, a close-up of an older fishing-boat can remind the workers of harder times…


Moving on to the conference-room, two green pictures decorate the wall. The lighthouse and the rope actually make a symbolic arrow upwards.


The old, beautiful lighthouse, Slåtterøy, is once again the main motif. (Did you know you can stay here? For a weekend or a holiday?)


And finally, calm waters. All pictures are digital photo/paint-collages, printed on plexi-glass-covered aluminum, 80×100 cm (except the wallpaper, which is around 210 x 450 cm)


Hopefully the art will help the crew feel at home. The best of luck to Sonja Ocean!

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One Response to “Sonja Ocean”

  1. gail Says:
    February 22nd, 2017 at 05:50

    I always always always love your ship art. 🙂