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Soka Higashi koko

By spotogspindel | October 12, 2016

Another of the incredible experiences here in Japan, is the main reason for my travel: the Global Science Opera eco-scenography workshop. I have a class of 20 students, and in just 3 days, we will make a scene that will be incorporated into the opera.


This morning when I arrived, this sign was waiting for me and I could´t help but smile. I am so proud to be part of this project. And I am so excited about working with these students. They are so great!


The last half hour, just waiting to begin…

I was working with around 20 students from the drama-club and the brass band-group. Since it was a eco-scenography-workshop more than a normal GSO-workshop, I hand´t really thought we´d make music. The students however really wanted that, so we shifted a little bit around on the schedule, and they worked independently with making a musical film-track for our scene. They were really creative, and found some great sounds to “illustrate” our drama. So the first day we spent mostly working creatively on the scene itself and the music to it.


The drama-club students and their teacher.This is the gang who played the scene, we´d made together in a real, democratic GSO-manner. It´s the very first scene, when Joao meets little Girl for the first time. I think they are a bit proud that they are the national representatives of Japan. 🙂

The second day was the eco-scenography-day. We constructed the set, built with bamboo and tape; we experimented with light and filters to make an atmosphere; Mr Shinohara held a short physics-lecture on light – how light can be both a particle and a wave at the same time; and we worked with costumes. Dividing them into four groups, each group was given a different challenge to solve. I admit it myself: it is difficult to make a costume in just an hour, even for a professional. But they showed both creativity and courage in their creations, and all four turned out very nice!


The workshop lasted 3 days, this is at the end of day three, when we´re filming the scene we rehearsed for the opera. Unfortunately I don´t have many photos at all. Almost everything was filmed, so I´d have documentation for my research.


The final day, we spent filming the scene. And evaluating.

I was warned that the Japanese don´t speak much English. That doesn´t mean they don´t understand. They pretty much understood most of what I was saying, they were just a bit shy to speak at first, afraid of saying something wrong. But we warmed up to each other, and by the end of the workshop, they didn´t bother waiting for the English teacher to translate, they just asked me questions themselves 🙂


Here´s the whole group. Including Mr Shinohara, the physics-teacher and Mr Handa, a physics-professor at Kagoshima university. They were a wonderful group to work with! So interested, so creative, so dedicated. I learned a lot from them. And will learn even more when I get the evaluation translated! 🙂


Two of the lovely girls wanted to take a silly picture with me 🙂

I know this is a silly picture to include, but I just can´t resist: I even got my own locker! A special shoes-locker. Inside the school (and restaurants and some shops and museums) everybody takes of their shoes and walk around in their socks or bare feet. No wonder it´s so clean here everywhere!


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