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Skandi Iceman

By spotogspindel | September 22, 2013

Congratulations to DOF! Skandi Iceman is the latest ship in their fleet, and a beauty it is! Once again I have had the honor of decorating the ship. Hopefully the shipping company, and not least the crew, will be happy and feel at home onboard. Let me take you on a tour:

We´ll start in the mess. A fairly big room, and kind of dark, I decided to make a picture that lights up! It is a photo collage, printed on a textile that is pulled over a light-box. So in the daytime, with the lights in the room on, it looks like a normal picture. But when the lights are turned off, it will still glow, like a lamp.


“Mountain on fire”, 75×150 cm


Here you can see it in place.


“Skiing tracks” 100×200 cm

The picture above is also a light-box-picture and is in the conference room. Unfortunately I didn´t´get to see it finished mounted, as I needed help from an electrician, and they had all been working the night-shift.

As a recurring theme for the art onboard, the shipping company wanted me to find inspiration in the name of the ship: Skandi Iceman. So winter, snow and ice it is. I wanted a little twist on the theme, and chose for some of the pictures to revolve around arctic animals.

So with this in mind, let´s move on to the lounges. The first one is situated right next to the mess. Here you will find two freestyle machine-embroidered pictures.


“Polar bear”, ca 60×70 cm

The polar-bear is in all shades of white, yellows and blue and grays. There might even be a bit of pink in there.  The bear himself is about a square foot and it took me two whole days to sew him. He´s mounted on a painted canvas, with glued-down rice-paper on it. A passepartou and a glass and frame, and he´s all set to travel back to Arctic oceans.


“Polar-bear”, exert detail.


“Penguin”, ca 50×60 cm

The penguin is also machine-embroidered, mounted the same way as the bear.


He´s slightly smaller than the polar-bear, because of his shape. You can see from the exert the details in the stitches.


Two light pictures for a bit dark room. Luckily, they´d put up some extra light for the pictures, which did wonders both for the art and the room.


The same room, but two different kind of pictures.


“GLACIER”, 60×80 cm

This is actually based on a photo I took this summer while visiting Jostedalsbreen (The Jostedals glacier). I´ve worked a lot woth the colors, trying to make it look like a vintage souvenir postcard. It´s been printed on acrylic, and mounted with special screws, so that it comes about an inch off the wall. I really like how it turned out in the end.


“Soria Moria”, ca 50×100 cm

This is more of traditional Spindelmaker-piece. The mountain is in Sogn- It´s been printed on canvas and framed with the usual black wooden frame. It has a very delicate, crisp wintery feel to it.


This is how it looks in the room. (Still a week to the Christening of the ship, and the furniture is still unwrapped in some of the rooms)

Moving on to the smokers lounge. And I´m back to the arctic wildlife theme.


“A muskox says hello”, 60×80 cm


“A polar fax says hi”, 60×80 cm

Both collages with the ox and the fox are printed on acrylic. They come an inch off the wall, and it added so much lightness to the room! Even though you can really see it in this photo.


Another picture in the same room. All three are from my glacier-trip this summer. What I like about this one, is how it at the same time is very naturalistic AND very abstract.


“Blue hues/Ice, ice, baby”, 60×80 cm

Also printed on acrylic (easy to keep clean)


It looks a bit alone when all the furniture is away….


Big ships or small boats, they can all become dark and crammed. The architects try to limit this feeling by opening up some of the walls with internal windows. They really open up the rooms, and give extra light. Good idea!

Moving on up 3 flights to the D-deck. Another lounge awaits.

Here I´ve have three pictures where the theme is winter activities.


“Glacier wonder/wander”, ca 60×100 cm


“Every Norwegian is born with skis”, ca 60×90 cm


“Here, fishy-fishy”, ca 60×80 cm

And in the room (yes, there is a curtain missing)


Arn´t all these white leather sofas and chairs just lovely?!


In the same room I have a big textile.


“The great emigration”,  linen/silk, ca 100×150 cm

Made from three layers of fabric. First white linen, then turquoise silk chiffon, and finally white silk chiffon. Layered together by a silver-three stitch in the shape of polar-bears.


Finally a small, silk-printed fabric. Originally the motif is of naked rock faces by the sea. But in these soft, translucent shades of pearl-shimmering white, with actual glass beads melted into the fabric-paint, it looks very much like a dream-come-true for anyone wishing for a skiing-holiday in the mountains.


“Winter-dream”, ca 30×40 cm

Finally we have the two main cabins. More winter for the Captain:


“Snow”, 35×70 cm


“Pyramid mountain”, 40×50 cm


“My finest white coat”, 40×50 cm


And what it looks like in the room.


Last, but not least: the chief!


“Solitare”, 40×50 cm


“Fjord” 40×50 cm


“Skiing trail”, 40×50 cm

And in the room:


I hope you´ve enjoyed my little tour on this incredible multi-purpose-ship. I wish I could tell you how amazing it is, but I would stumble in the description.


All my best to the sailors onboard Skandi Iceman, may the wind be at your back as you sail the seven seas!

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2 Responses to “Skandi Iceman”

  1. gail Says:
    September 22nd, 2013 at 14:56

    As always, I am speechless at your talent. You do the most beautiful work!

  2. michelle Says:
    September 23rd, 2013 at 19:36

    great collection of work Janne! i still don’t know how you do it! so diversified and talented. love how it all looks like your work and yet it’s all very different. a true artist. congratulations on another job well done my friend.