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Skandi Buzios

By spotogspindel | September 11, 2016

DOF´s Skandi Acu has a twin sister, just about to “set sail” from Søvika towards Rotterdam to get her big crane. When that is installed, she´ll be working offshore Brazil the next at least 8 years. With cabin-room for 120 people, it´s a big ship!

I am honored to have delivered artwork for all of these cabins. Here are some of them:

The Captain is from Ireland, so we agreed upon a picture of a green island above his sofa:


The island depicted is Siggjo, anyone from around Bømlo will recognize our landmark.


The chiefs (altering rota) wanted an island too, so they picked the turquoise one:


This island is from outside Goddo, also Bømlo.


Next up are the two big client-cabins:


Above is “Night-sailor”, where a boat is carefully traveling between islands and reefs.


The second client also got an island, this one bathed in a sun-set.


All these pictures are 40×80 cm and print sandwiched between aluminum and plexiglas.


In the mess, hangs a “self-portraint” of the ship. Printed on the back of a plexi-glas, and mounted a couple of centimeters out from the wall. It casts a shadow on the wall behind is, which gives a nice 3-D effect.


As always, such a pleasure to be onboard, it´s so fascinating to learn about offshore-tecchnology!


Thank you James, for helping me hang all these pictures! And thank you Astri for helping me preparing them for hanging.


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