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Skandi Arctic

By spotogspindel | March 1, 2009

DOFs Skandi Arctic, and here are some of the pictures I delivered. Most of them are inspired by Fritjof Nansen and his scientific travels to the North pole with the ship “Fram”. There are also some pictures from Amundsens journey to the South pole here.

Here are the pictures decorating the mess:

Roald Amundsen

Adolf Lindstrøm

Anton Amundsen

The following three pictures are in the biggest conference-room.

In the smaller conference-room, you´ll find this picture of Fram:

The two next pictures are in the Captain´s lounge, showing a bit of the harsh reality of an expedition to such an un-friendly place as the North-pole.

In between, you can see some of the equipment they had with them.

The next four pictures are in one of the lounges:

In the next lounge, you´ll find these:

And in the third lounge, these pictures decorate the walls:

This picture hags in the reception. (There is actually a childhood picture of my mother in there)

This is in the chief´s cabin:

And this is in the Captain´s cabin:

And finally, in the library, you´ll find the series: “Liar, liar, pants on fire!”

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