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By spotogspindel | April 1, 2014


Sjølingstad Uldvarefabrik (Wool factory) is just north of Mandal, not far from Lindesnes. It´s a working wool factory, but with limited production. It now serves as a living museum, where knowledge and skills is being taken care of and passed down to new generations.


It started in the late 1800s, and had a real revival with the Marshall-aid from the US after WW2. Today there are only 10 people working there, most of them running the machinery, carding and spinning and weaving. But the kind lady who showed me around works mainly with education, and is in charge of the tours.


This is one of two woolen blankets made here. Made with Norwegian wool, the pattern was made almost a century ago at the factory. A jacquard-loom with old-fashioned punch-hole-cards to make the pattern does the trick.


They still store all the yarn in these big wooden boxes. Now this is the place for a real treasure-hunt!! 🙂


In the store/café there was an exhibition with colorful knitting. Two ladies had hand-knitted loads of yummy blankets. I for one am really inspired by these lovely colors, and immediately wanted to get home to my yarn and needles.


Not too long ago I read that absence of color can be unhealthy. Seeing this exhibition certainly makes me happy. And that´s healthy, right? 🙂


All the knits are made by Ann Myhre and Tori Seierstad.

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