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By spotogspindel | September 6, 2014


A fun day filled with painting and making art for the new Eidesvik-ship. It´s not being Christened until November, but arting takes time!And today 15 kids in the Eidesvik-club joined me in making the days brighter for the people who will be working onboard. Most of these kids have parents working onboard on one of the ships, or on shore in the office, and know what it´s like to have a parent that´s away from home 2-4 weeks at a time. Below you can see the results:


John Marius painted this landscape. It´s almost 3D in some places!


Kris painted a detailed version of Viking Neptun (the name of the ship)


Adrian is a scubadiver and knows quite a bit about marine life, as you can tell by his painting.


Daniel painted one of the Eidesvik Viking-ships on a sunny day.


Brit made a colorful mandala for meditation.


Viktoria worked in a geometrical pattern with bright colors. It´s cool to see the effect!


Maria painted Vågslid, up in the mountains in Telemark, between the tunnels.


Elise made an enchanted forrest in spring.


Hillbjørg made this cheerful landscape.


Edit wanted to make a sunset beyond our wildest dreams!


Ingvild did it all: both the ship , the sea and the fjords and mountains! She even had space for a waterfall!


Maria made a underwater palace for King Neptune and his wife Salacia.


Madeleine made a landscape-picture with boathouses and sailing boats.


Benedicte did the same, but added a road with a bright pink car 🙂


Hedda made the other painting connected to the name of the ship. This is Triton, Netun´s son, who was half man/half fish, or a mer-man.


The last “kid” in the group is Borgny, who joined us and made a painting of her ship sailing into the sunset.

Thank you to all my artistic helpers! In November, I´ll show you how it all turned out on the walls onboard.

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One Response to “Ship-art-workshop”

  1. gail Says:
    September 8th, 2014 at 20:58

    What a great workshop! If I lived anywhere near, I would have been the second adult child to participate! So much fun!