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Sagrada Familia

By spotogspindel | July 28, 2014

The only thing I knew about Barcelona really, was that it was the home of La Sagrada Familia, the cathedral Gaudi designed. So of course I wanted to see this building I had heard so much about. And even though I had high expectations, I was overwhelmed by the beauty, the size, the work, the craftsmanship, the thoughts behind the design, the whole thing!


Part of the Passion-entrance, the four towers. There are another four towers on the other side of the church. They are still building five more, the middle one, representing Christ will be the biggest and tallest of them.


The windows are made by an artist, interpreting Gaudi´s thoughts on design. And they look amazing!


One of the things I didn´t know was how much of Gaudi´s designs are based on nature. He had studied plants and animals since he was a young boy. All the columns and the roof is designed based on trees. How a stem divides itself into branches, and again into a crown of leaves. the ceiling was breathtaking! (I have a feeling I´m gonna run out of superlatives here soon) The columns are based on tree-trunks, well planted into the earth, like shown below.


Gaudi was also inspired by honey-bees, honey-comb-bee-hives. It is the most efficient way to build anything, measured by strength, use of material, space-efficiency and so on.


I almost get a feeling he has made a cathedral fit for Metropolis, some distant future for superheroes or for the other-worldly like Lord of the rings. But that is just because the designers for those movies/series probably were insired by Gaudi and his work, not the other way around. The truth of it is he´s made a cathedral for ordinary people of today. Ordinary, intelligent people living in a complex world.


One of the big brass doors is overloaded with symbols. The whole building is really, but this door is just amazing in it´s pictography.


Another door, that is just stunning in all it´s delicate detail!


The building of the cathedral was started in the 1880s. They are still not finished. Not because they couldn´t of, but because it was part of the architectural idea to use at least a century, with different artists adding different styles, affected by the time they lived in. There are two entrances to the cathedral: the Passion of christ and the Naitivity of Christ. The main gate/entrance isn´t made yet.

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