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powderpink dress 1

By spotogspindel | April 28, 2013

For a danceshow in June, I have an assignment to make a seer and costumes. But tomorrow is World Dance Day, and one of the costumes need to be ready by tomorrow´s preview.


So I found my powder pink silk chiffon and rayon, and got started.

The underdress is here almost finished. My bust has different measurements than my dancer. So the whole thing seems all twisted here, hopefully it´s not in real life.


I wanted the dress to be inspired by deconstuction, so I´ve made all the seams on the outside. The length I´ll cut when she tries it on tomorrow.

There will come another dress made in the silk chiffon on top, in a different pattern. I wanted to make this an improvised draped thing…


Now of course, anyone remotely sensible, would make a draped pattern in say cheap cotton fabric. Especially if you´re working with crinkled silk chiffon. It´s more alive than a happy puppy! But not me.


The result is putting it up on the stand/bust, pinning one part, taking it down, sewing it, putting it back up, doing the next part. It is truly a textile improvisation. I changes many times during the process.


Of course I COULD plan it all, but part of the fun, is seeing how it evolves.


The last seam makes it to small to put back on the bust, so now I can only see it on a hanger. It looks a bit funny, asymmetrical as it is. Hopefully it will look absolutely smashing on my dancer.


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One Response to “powderpink dress 1”

  1. Birgitte Says:
    April 30th, 2013 at 12:39

    It is beautiful! I love that it has evolved, and I actually think I could tell when I got to see it in action yesterday. It’s a sort of beauty you just can plan, that has to emerge. Loved it!