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pouf make-over

By spotogspindel | May 3, 2009

Even in intense working periods, I try to do a little something else, just for variation. Often I find that taking a braek from one project, while working on another, gives the subconsciouness a chance to work freely, and upon returning to the main project, I all of sudden have new ideas. 

So my evening-project this week was giving an old pouf I found in the attic a make-over. It needed two coats of paint, and it´s the drying that takes time. I think it only took me a good hour to work with it. Drying takes a couple of days.

I forgot to take a before-picture, but you get the general idea, even though the painting has begun.


I wanted this to be a little funky and a little stylish, so I used a black, lacquer alligator replica fabric. Cut and adjusted it to the pouf.


Started to staple the fabric onto the pouf. The staples are not visible when the pouf is standing the right way, but I think I´ll go over them with a black permanent marker anyway when I´m done.


Not enough fabric to go all the way around… We solved it by gluing down the egdes, placing the next piece of fabric very close to the other one. Idealy, I should have painted black underneath, but since the fabric was so thick, it wasn´t necessary. 


Fastening the hinges for the lid.


And Voilá! A pouf with a new life!

The whole project took less than two hours, and cost about 200,- kroner (maybe $30) for the fabric. 


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