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People of Sri Lanka

By spotogspindel | May 15, 2015

Time flies when you´re having fun, and already tomorrow we are heading back home from this Pearl of the Sea. We totally agree: we love Sri Lanka! It is a beautiful country, so green. But the most beautiful thing about Sri Lanka is it´s people! They are SO welcoming, so warm, so proud of their country, and so willing to share it with you. They are genuinely interested in learning about you and your country, and are eager to make you love their country, like they love it themselves. It is the main reason we both want to come back some day, and continue our exploration of the country. So let me “introduce” a few of the Sri Lankans to you:


We met this 8-year old girl on top of Sigiriya, she was  bit shy, but wanted to practice her English.


And this nice man and his 3-year old daughter on the train to Kandy. They were on a family-outing, and it was his daughter´s very first train-ride.


This is one of three ritual drummers at the Tooth Relic Temple in Kandy.


I haven´t formally been introduced to this man, but shot a snap photo of him while driving in Kandy. In Norway we only have police in the streets if there is an accidents, not normally to regulate traffic. I think he´s looking very sharp in his uniform, making sure all the kids come safely to school!


This nice, young lady we met at the tea-plantation explaining all the different stages and grading in tea-production.


Another woman we just past by, planting rice in a field. There is an amazing flora here, so many fruits and vegetables I´ve never even heard of!


A young couple about to get their wedding-photos taken. May is the main month for marrying in Sri Lanka, and we met several couples in their bridal costumes.


This is Sana, our guide for our tours around the island, and his wife. A very charming and knowledgable man who took very good care of us. He even came around to the hotel to give Anne a bouquet of flowers for her birthday!


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One Response to “People of Sri Lanka”

  1. gail Says:
    May 18th, 2015 at 22:32

    Such beautiful faces. 🙂