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Particle-physics exhibition!

By spotogspindel | August 20, 2016

School doesn´t really start until Tuesday, but today I had a very exciting and interesting day, volunteering to help put up an exhibition. All next week there will be a science-conference at the college, and the old auditorium is the place to be! Last night an Austrian artist/particle physicist(/ski-instructor) came to Stord and today´s task was to make the old room come alive with particle-art!


The chaos in the beginning…


Meet Michael Hoch, scientist and artist, working at Cern. Cern as in the-large-hydron-collider-Cern! He works in the ARTcms department with the wonderful motto: Art of science, Beauty in creation.


He has some very interesting pieces of art with him. Large photo-collages of the LHC up-close (which is impossible, and therefor put together from hundreds of smaller photos). He´s played around with these images, and made some intriguing artwork. I find it truly fascinating how one can make a purely technical motif look so serene, calm and meditative, almost like a Buddist mandala or even a flower. The more I looked at the images around me today, the more and more I liked them!


To know that this kaleidoscope is real, that it is 17 meters tall, and that 40 million proton-collisions pass through here (-ish) a second. See, it ´s unfathomable! As in difficult for me to wrap my head around that last part. How mankind can invent an instrument that is able to measure something so small and so quick…


… wow… it is a completely different world than the one I´m living in, that´s for sure. But so very interesting! Even thought I hardly understand anything about quarks and bosons, I find it very fascinating. We´ve certainly had an educational lunch and dinner today!


These are just a very few of the images/artworks he brought with him, there are a lot more on this link.


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