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Welcome to my site! I work as a costume-designer and an artist, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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a textile treasure

By spotogspindel | April 2, 2015


I am at the start of a big embroidery-project, including several exhibitions. Imagine my joy when I found this lovely, old embroidered prayer at my local charity-shop! There is no written information on the back, but there is some embroidered on: March 23, 1901 G.B. It´s probably been made by a young girl, as an exercise-piece when she was first learning to embroider. This is so, so cool!

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The Salmon Conveyor

By spotogspindel | March 27, 2015

The next big project in the immediate horizon is “Lakselinja” (The Salmon Conveyor) with Bømlo Theatre. I have the scenography, and am really excited about it! I can´t wait to show you 😉 It´s gonna be big. Literarily. Still thinking about the best way to assemble it all.


I also made the poster.

The story is more about the people working in the assembly-line than about salmon. Who they are, their dreams and thoughts and romances…


Photo above from rehearsal. The choreography is really cool!


Would you buy salmon from this woman?

(not gonna be on stage, just dressed up for the head-shot in the program)

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By spotogspindel | March 24, 2015

The pile of needlepoints is growing. Preparing the collection before I actually start working with them, by sewing on a cotton backing on them. It takes a surprisingly long time. It seems I´ve collected quite a bit the past year and a half.


The ple of remnants is growing too. Most of it I throw away, it´s filled with glue, nail-holes and well… uck! But some of the edges are beautiful in their own right, with the soft colors of the linen/hemp/cotton, and the color-codes. I have to think of something I can use these for. Any suggestions?



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The Sound of Music

By spotogspindel | March 21, 2015

Today my creative outlet has been singing! I´ve been part of the all-female choir of nuns(!) backing Maria Arredondo and Bjørn Skagestad in their tour of The Sound of Music.


The Sound of Music is celebrating it´s 50 year anniversary this year, and it is probably the most well-known musical in the world. Even if you don´t know anything about musicals, you´re bound to have heard some of the songs from this one: Climb every mountain or Do, Re, Mi, or the title song: The hills are alive, with the sound of music… Lots and lots of great music by Rodgers and Hammerstein.


Selfie-nuns. We had a bit of extra excitement when we an hour before the show discovered that there were only head-gear for half of us. Since the fabric-shop was right across the street, I ran over there, bought some fabric and borrowed a machine (good thing I know the owner) and made 6 new ones, so we´d all be properly dressed for the show.


Me, with the holier-than-thou-expression 😉

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By spotogspindel | March 17, 2015


Power-tooling is fun! I think that´s why some old-fashioned men insist it´s difficult and hard work, (read: not suited for women.) They simply want to have all the fun for themselves 😉 Well, it´s not difficult, and it´s not even particularly heavy. What it is, is dusty! Incredibly dusty!

Getting ready for a new skill to be learned: during Easter I´ll have to learn tile-laying. The plumber shook his head and said I was in for quite a challenge. The electrician said I´d have no problem doing that, it was easy. Needless to say, I prefer to believe the electrician 😀

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spring on the west coast

By spotogspindel | March 15, 2015

The past days have been absolutely beautiful! Still cold, but sunny. The first days of spring are here. And when the weather is as beautiful as it is now, the west-coast is stunning! I´ve been out driving, delivering art to another ship.


A 12 hour drive along the coast, including 5 ferries. A good audiobook to listen to, and the hours fly, as the landscape changes.


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By spotogspindel | March 12, 2015

Patina is the name of one of the upcoming shows at Haugesund theatre. It´s a dance-show, all women, age 60 and up. The oldest lady is 92!


I am helping out with some of the costumes. All neutral under-gowns. Almost a shame, it´d be such fun to dress up all these women. But I´m glad to even have a little time backstage with these women, most have never been on stage before at all.


The show isn´t until the autumn, but I am very much looking forward to seeing it :-)

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By spotogspindel | March 9, 2015


My second time spinning I attended an evening hosted by a local group of Husfliden (maybe best translated as the Crafts movement). The first time I tried was in October, and I was surprised at how much better I did already the second time. Thinner and tighter thread. Next is to learn how to relax my shoulder while doing it, so it becomes a bit more relaxing to actually do it 😉

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By spotogspindel | March 4, 2015


An evening with 5 parents and me, making wooden boxes look like… wooden boxes. One of the youth theatre-groups are staging a newly written drama next week, and I been asked to help with the set. Lots of wooden boxes in different sizes, the need for versatility, and flexibility (they need to take them with them on tour). Instead of adding a new layer of paint on the old and worn boxes, we glued down a textile fabric, covered in photo-print of old, wooden planks. Once we´re done next week, it´s going to look very cool!


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Our life without us – 2

By spotogspindel | March 3, 2015


Yet another freestyle machine-embroidered picture in the series about refugees having to flee from everything: My life without me/Our life without us.

This one is placed in the city-scape of Seattle, USA.

Ca 20×20 cm. Polyester thread on linen.

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