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Welcome to my site! I work as a costume-designer and an artist, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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Leather belt

By spotogspindel | June 9, 2016

My new red leather belt! Sewn from a piece of leather I got at a charity-shop. I found inspiration on Pinterest and made a pattern that resembled the original.


It is shaped so that it glides over itself, and is therefor adjustable to several sizes. It ties around itself, and  into a buckle in the back.


I added a few black seams to give it a more “finished” look. And with the olive-green silk-belt underneath, I think it´s looking pretty good! I am looking forward to trying it with my haories (short kimonos).


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Silk belt

By spotogspindel | June 9, 2016

My green belt is sewn in silk brocade, a piece I bought when I was in China years ago. The color is more like in the last photo, a lovely olive green.


I wish I could tell you that I made a pattern for this, but I just winged it as I went along. The inside is a remnant from the raw-silk jacket.


In the back I made a little button-hole for the sewn string to go through. That way, the belt easily wraps around itself, and is size-adjustable.


The finished belt.

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By spotogspindel | June 7, 2016

My linen/wool trousers are finished. I traced the pattern from a pair of silk trousers I got in Denmark a couple of years ago, that I really like. They do look a bit silly on this bust, way too small around the waist, so I pinched in a bundle in the back. I think they actually look better on me.


There is very little fabric wasted in this pattern, almost all of it is folded and sewn down. The remnants that were left, I´ve used for other small parts like the waist-band.


I added a couple of metal-beads just because… for good luck maybe. Although I am not superstitious. The buttons are made from sea-shells.


At the bottom of the foot, which is quite wide, I´ve made an opening with a button and a draw-string that can be tided.

And while I´m at it, why not throw in the jacket in raw silk. I made this a few years ago, for Miss Saigon. The lining is linen, and the main fabric is raw-silkm that is usually discarded because of it´s brittle quality. It´s unbleached, and thereby very sustainable: a cast-away product, and few chemicals used.


I like the Asian way of tying clothes, instead of using zippers.


So, these are the basics for my exam tomorrow. Right now it´s looking very… muesli! Come back tomorrow and you´ll see how I´ve dressed them 😉

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From dust-bunnies to costume

By spotogspindel | June 6, 2016

As the exam-exhibition is getting closer, Ia m intensifying my practical work. I am trying to complete a costume. Honestly, I am making it up as I go along. I should of course made a proper design, drawn up patterns and first then started to sew. But why be obvious?!


So now I am making a fur-vest. I wanted a coat, really, that I could wear afterwards. But then I found an old rabbit-fur-vest in my attic, and thought I´d put it to use. I am using the fur as lining, and vintage kimono-silk from Japan for the outer fabric. I need to be careful that the pieces fit, so the fabric won´t pull. It´s a time-consuming process, but it looks pretty good so far.


Picking apart a rabbit-furcoat brings with it dust-bunnies. It has given the word new meaning for me. Big, dark blobs of hairy dust on the floor of my workroom.


I´ve got the top sewn down, and am wondering how to make the side-seams works the best. I think I´ll sleep on it… I´ll finish it tomorrow.


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By spotogspindel | June 5, 2016

Photos fram our practical group-exam in performance.



13393398_10154117995651405_938620469_n  13342211_10154117996076405_1204622575_n



You know that something is wrong.

You know that you can do something about it.

You know that you won´t because it is too uncomfortable.

You choose to self-centre.

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Sheep art

By spotogspindel | June 2, 2016


Moved to a new place? Want to get to know people, but don´t know how? Bring a lamb or two with you into town. I promise, it´s a conversation-starter!

So why did they bring the two lambs to town? Why, to be part of an art-project of course! One of our exams is a practical group-work: create and show a performance in a local gallery. Three groups, three performances. The past couple of days, we´ve been putting it all together, and when we open tomorrow night, I am sure it´s going to be a good show.


The two lambs are part of one of the performances, and to get accustomed to the envoronment we had them tag along today.


I wonder what the lambs are thinking though, with all the music and weird stuff to look at…

“You know what this is?”

“Nooo… no sure, it looks like… maybe it´s art? I know for sure that white grass, doesn´t taste like green grass though!”


“So what about this? What´s this? It looks like one of those road-crossings”

Noooo… this is just shit.”


One of my fellow students making a mark for every drowned refugee in the Middle-sea in 2015… all 3 720 of them.


The poster for the show.

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Creativity vs. productivity

By spotogspindel | May 31, 2016


It´s getting closer. Two exams delivered yesterday. Two more next Monday. And a performance in between. Then it´s just the exhibition left. Above is my new book, that I´ve hardly had the time to write in. Not hat anything outside of sitting at my desk below, working hard at gaining new understanding, competence and skills.


Wait. What did I mean by that title? Nothing really. I don´t see the problem. To me, there is no “vs.”, it´s in many cases, two sides of the same thing.

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Reading and writing

By spotogspindel | May 22, 2016

Being the world´s most boring blogger, not posting anything… I guess that´s the price to pay for being a student. Exams are closing in, and almost all my time is devoted to reading and writing.

Luckily, part of one of the exams has a practical part to it. So I will be sewing at least a bit in the next couple of weeks.


It doesn´t look much like pants yet, but it will. Just started on this fabric I think is a mix of wool and linen or wool and rayon.

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By spotogspindel | May 13, 2016

This is part of a school-assigment in my Masters-degree. We are working with Creative Learning-processes, and part of this is actually working together in a group making a philosphy-based performance.

We decided early on to work with Arne Næss and Deep ecology. We asked ourselves, if we know about all the dangers, the state of the world, the climate change, all the pollution, and so on… why don´t we do anything about it? Why do we not want to know, not want to take action, not want to see… Why do we only want to continue living in our own little world, of taking responsibility for our very own future?


Our performance doesn´t give the answers, but hopefully it will give food-for-tought when all three of us, spend 12 minutes basically just wallowing in/celebrating/exploring/cultivating/focusing on our own navels. Deeply concentrating on our own “centre of the universe”. Weird? Yes.

Along with our self-sentration, we´ll be showing a film of 10 of the world´s worst man-made disasters. It´s a 3-minute-thing, and it goes in a loop. We´re trying to block out the film, by taping print-outs of photos of our navels over the screen. But of course the film just keeps on showing on top of the navel-prints. So when reality comes sneaking in uninvited, what do you do? Put on your navel-focus-dress and your navel-monocular!


I made the dress in white jersey polyester/rayon, based on a very simple pattern. More or less one long tube with two smaller tubes attached to it. And a cut hole in the middle, for navel-viewing…


To make it easier to see, I also made this three-of-a-kind navel-monocular (one for each of us). Made from a plastic tube, similar to the ones you use for kitchen ventilators. Simply attaching an elastic band around the head and another with velcro in the back to fit around the waist, and you´re good to go on self-exploration!


A picture from one of the other performances. Two lambs, black tape on the floor, a guitarist, playing the sheep-droppings as they landed on the tape, like if they were musical notes. The essence here is that when you remove nature from itself, you might end up with a lot of crap. Fortunately artists can turn even crap into art. It sounds a bit bizarre when I try to formulate it in words, but it was actually very cool, performed with a crazy-talented guitarist.

The third group did a piece on the refugees from Syria, trying to show them as individuals, not just part of a statistics. Pretty much the opposite of what we did in our piece. By the beginning of June we´ll need to make one big performance of all three of them, to show in Galleri Giga, the local art gallery. I´m looking forward to a very interesting process!

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Buttercup design

By spotogspindel | May 6, 2016


My favorite story-teller group the Øfsti/Vestre/Haugland have had the premiere on “Smørbukk” (Buttercup). A traditional Norwegian fairytale of a lazy boy who likes candy, manages to trick a two-headed troll a couple of times before he violently beheads it, steals all it´s gold and goes back to his mother for more candy. Not an obvious bed-time story perhaps, but then again Disney has removed a lot of drama and violence from the original fairytales in his adaptations. It´s only the past couple of generations that believe that fairytales are sweet and romantic and for children.



The set and costumes for this show are all off-white. The lacy backdrop is a salvaged military-tanks winter-cover! The square textile cubes have quickly become a favorite of mine. They are so versatile! You can probably recognize them from my embroidered installation.


The silk skirts are left-overs from another show I did years ago, and are in a high-quality natural silk. His trousers are original martial-arts pants from Japan (which he loved!)

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Look at these faces! they are so alive when they tell their stories! Wonderful people and wonderful actors & storytellers.

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All photos by Tanja Steen.

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