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Welcome to my site! I work as a costume-designer and an artist, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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I made the graphic design for this site:

Undress my ego

By spotogspindel | February 2, 2018

The poster is ready.


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The DNA workshop

By spotogspindel | January 10, 2018

Working with three colleagues from the University, we started a two-day WASO workshop on DNA at a high school today. Combining arts and science. So how do you make art around the DNA-theme?

By using macramé of course! By tying a half-knot over and over, it twists around itself like a double spiral, just like DNA does! We attempted to make 2 meter long strings, as that is the stretched out length of DNA in every single cell. The finished strings will be used by the drama-group tomorrow.

A couple of girls finished ahead of time, and tried the same technique in fine metal wire. Look at the size! It´s hanging on to a ball-point pen-cap. I was pretty amazed. And immediately saw an opportunity to try it out in a jewelry-context. 😉

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By spotogspindel | January 8, 2018

Mowgli, or the Jungle-book, as it called in Norwegian, is Haugesund teatre´s big family-show this spring.

I am in charge of props, and some of the really fun things have to be made by hand. Like the fishing rod and the hand-held fishing-net. I had a trip into the jungle in my back-yard and got some nice wood to work around. Deconstructing a jute-carpet to get a softer material to knot.

Finding soft, light fish that don´t break or “clank” if you drop them was also hard to find. So I´m probably making them myself. Here is the first one in the making. It will be stuffed and painted.

Unni, hard at work below, making dreads for the monkeys.

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Creative meeting

By spotogspindel | January 7, 2018

2018 promises to be both busy and fun.

The first creative meeting at Kilden Teater, where I am the costume-designer for “The boys in the Christmas-tree-hut” (loosely translated).

It´s a family-show and the premiere is not until November. But you know how you can tell it´s going to be a great production, when the whole creative team puts on their thinking-hats and come up with ideas, one wilder than the other. Especially when the hats being used are the books themselves. 😀

The inside of the book gives a pretty good clue to the universe we are building. There´s a soda-fountain, a see-through pool, a shark-pool, penguins, spying cows, a cat/canary, a postman and an impatient publisher, a super-secret laboratory, reindeer, a camel, goodness knows how many bunnies, a couple of silly guys, a girl who fixes just about everything, and of course Santa himself. Just to mention a few hints. It´s gonna be fun!!


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The body-suit

By spotogspindel | January 1, 2018

The upcoming exhibition “Undress my ego” in March is all about textiles and clothes. I´ve been working on several pieces at the same time, seemingly not being able to finish any of them.

But finally: Stage one is finished on the body-suit. It´s a complete one-piece, with a zipper in the back from head to lower back.

Stage two is to print on the suit, and I´m pretty much done with that part too. But I won´t reveal it until the opening 😉

Oh, yes… This is our new family-member! She´s helping me with the exhibition. Passively. She´s the strong, silent type. So she won´t tell me her name. Do you have a suggestion?





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Merry Christmas!

By spotogspindel | December 24, 2017

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Quote of the day

By spotogspindel | December 16, 2017

To be playful and serious at the same time is possible, and it defines the ideal mental condition.

John Dewey, 1916

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Moon Village – world premiere!

By spotogspindel | December 15, 2017

Click on the poster, and it will take you directly to the link showing the 2017 Global Science Opera: Moon Village!

27(!) countries are involved this year.

I was in the TV Haugaland studio, helping with the coordinating of the live-streaming from Australia, Brazil, England, Wales and Greece. And of course, the live-performance from Norway by four young girls who joined us in the studio.

Below is Tor Håkon, the TV-technical wizard and my partner-in-crime this day.


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Händel´s Messiah

By spotogspindel | December 4, 2017

It´s not my traditional artistic expression, but since the blog is also inspirational, I wanted to add a post on my latest adventure. It´s been on my bucket-list for over 30 years! To join a choir and sing Händel´s Messiah. And of course the Hallelujah-choir is the highlight. It is been a favorite of mine since I first heard it as a child, I think.

I´ve sung in choirs for years, albeit it´s been a while. And I´ve always been a soprano. But the soprano-voices in this piece are for extreme practitioners! It´s been a race against time to train my voice back up to the proper heights (to actually be able to sing it).

With the addition of 14 musicians from Stavanger Symphony Orchestra and 4 excellent soloists, we had two concerts over the weekend. When we finally came to the Hallelujah, I almost choked up and couldn´t sing at all, because I was thinking “This is it! This is my dream coming true!” But then I swallowed the tears and smiled and sang with 30 years of bottled up joy! 😀

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By spotogspindel | November 30, 2017

Currently I am working on my upcoming exhibition. In March, Ida Fugli, Sara Birgitte Øfsti and I will be responsible for the Women´s day exhibition in Stord Kunstlag. We´ve named the exhibition “Undress my Ego” and working with our own ambivalent relationship towards clothes. Below is one of my pieces, which I finished today. It´s my version of an incarnation of the “Black belt in shopping”. As you can see, a number of credit-cards made the ultimate sacrifice for art´s sake.

On another note, we are entering The #1 Shopping Season! I know everyone can´t or have the time to make presents, but everyone can think of maybe giving an experience as a gift, rather than a useless thing. Unless the receiver needs that thing, of course. But so many gifts are “more stuff”. Why not consider a ticket or two to the movies including offering to baby-sit? My friend has been hand-knitting gifts all fall, preparing for Christmas. No matter, Christmas is, despite all the “have-to-do´s”, still a season of friendship, good relationships, fun and joy. As we are entering this busy month, I for one need to remind myself to BUY less and BE more. Want to join me?


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