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Welcome to my site! I work as an eco-designer, an artist, as a teacher and as a researcher, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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By spotogspindel | March 17, 2016

I just got back from Oslo after working with s´the story-teller-group Øfsti/Vestre/Haugland. Such great days with beautiful people and sunny days of spring!


They premier on Saturday, so these photos are still very much work-in-progress pictures. The back-drop is my favorite: a snow-camuflage-net we bought used from the military. So much better to use in culture than in war!! In addition I really like the aesthetic of it: it´s almost like a lace, albeit a rather masculine one. Sometimes it looks like a snowy mountain, other times it looks like a big candy-covered cake or a snow-covered forrest, all depending on where they are in the story. I also love the tactile feel to it, the organic flow of the textile. It will be different every single time they put it up. It´s a 6×8 meters large drape that rests on two IKEA-screens.


The big, textile blocks are also quickly becoming a favorite, because of their versatility. I´ve sewn covers for them in upholstery-fabric, and added a sewn handle, so they can easily be moved with one hand.


The costumes are also a study in whites. Partly left-overs from another show, partly import form Japan, partly versatile basics (The grey sweater is not part of the finished costume). I hope to get some photos from the actual show on Saturday (I won´t see it myself unfortunately) to share with you.

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