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By spotogspindel | April 25, 2014


Oleana is the youngest textile factory in Norway. Located just outside Bergen, they make beautiful knitwear for women. The yarn is a mix of wool and silk. The patterns are inspired by folklore, both Norwegian and the rest of the world. The colors are vivid! They make about 900 sweaters/jackets a month, half of them are exported. Both the designing, the knitting and the assembly-work is done in Norway. The yarn is made in Italy. The quality is superb.


Solveig Hisdal, is the only designer at Oleana. She´s been with them almost since the beginning, and I dare say, it is her strong design that really makes Oleana stand out. You can recognize her designs anywhere, her color-combinations, her love of patterns, she has a distinctive style. Above is an original design on paper, waiting for the programmer to make codes for the knitting-machines.


The company started in 1992 and have gradually expanded. They are now 70 employees, and moved into a new location just a year ago. They renovated a big, old factory building. The locations are big and light and seem a joy to work in!


The employees are from 13 different countries. Their main asset is cheerfulness. Oleana doesn´t expect anyone to be trained for the job, because there simply is no education for these jobs in all of Europe. They are trained in the factory. The machine above is a rare one. It connects the different pieces together by an elastic knitted seam of sorts. Labor-staking, beautiful and very practical.


Upon entering the knitting part of the factory, there a big plastic boxes with the smaller parts for the knitwear, like here: pockets. All sorted in sizes and colors and patterns.


Piles of knitted pieces waiting to be sewn together.


This shows a bit of Solveig Hisdal´s inspiration, her influences for her designs.


Oleana´s complete collection, after 21 years, in chronological order! The factory is open to anyone who wants to visit. They also have a little shop and a private museum on the premisses, all worth visiting.

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