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Naked rock-faces bread!

By spotogspindel | June 27, 2014


Today is the big promotion-day for Anita´s newly invented Naked Rock-faces bread! She owns and runs the only delicately food shop in the district, Marinaden, and is an excellent cook. We´ve cooperated on a couple of projects before, like her website and bread bags, and this time we´ve cooked up something rather special! I made new designs for the bread bags and she made a brand new bread to match them!


The bread-bag design shows naked rock faces from the north-west of Bømlo, in Norwegian called “Svaberg” (which is such a lovely word). And now she´s made her very own “Svabergsbrød” or Naked rock-faces bread. Amongst other things, it contains actual, dried kelp! So today we´ve invited the costumers for a trial-taste!


The bread contains both dried kelp, sea-salt and wild garlic, and taste really good with parmesan cheese or with fresh shrimps.


See, real kelp! This batch is being dried in the oven.


The bread-invertor-chef: Anita!


The bread bags are in 50% linen/50% rayon with silkscreen-print on them. White on silver-gray and mint. The bread stays fresh longer when wrapped in textile cloth. I´ve also made matching dish-towels.


“Hey, hey, good-looking – what you got cooking?” (Sorry, could´t help myself)


And I just had to add this one too, even though I´d prefer the salad 😉


Svabergsbrød, perfect for picnics! 🙂


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2 Responses to “Naked rock-faces bread!”

  1. Siri Says:
    June 27th, 2014 at 17:11

    Nam! Men hva betyr “kelp”?

  2. gail Says:
    June 30th, 2014 at 21:28

    It’s beautiful bread, and your bags are of course gorgeous. How is it with kelp as an ingredient? I can’t imagine the taste. 🙂