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My last day in Chicago

By spotogspindel | April 13, 2010

My last day in Chicago, I´ve spent walking. Downtown, shopping-district, contemporary photo-exhibitions…

I wasn´t sure about what Chicago had to offer and googled  for “must-sees”. I got a list of five:

1. Shopping on the Magnificent Mile (Michigan Ave.) … well, I did my shopping on State Ave. (awesome art-supply-store!) but did walk along Michigan too, so… CHECK!

(Come to think of it; I´ve walked a lot more than a mile today, so double-check!)

2. Eat a deep pan pizza. I did that at the airport when I landed long before I saw the list, so… CHECK!

3. The Sears Tower. Hm. I walked by Sears, the shop. Does that count? I´ve been at the top of a couple of other really tall buildings, so I skipped this one.

4. The shiny Coffee bean thing is actually a sculpture in Millennium Park. Yepp. Seen it. From a distance and not for long, but… CHECK!

5. The Art Institute of Chicago. Well… I didn´t go there, but I´ve been to a couple of other exhibitions and galleries, so I´ve seen art  in Chicago… CHECK!

(Am I being too reckless?

I can add a #6 to the list: I almost saw a baseball-game on Wrigley Stadium. I took the train with half of the crowd going to town, and on the way back, they were luckily still partying instead of taking the train again)

Ok. Picture-time!

Down by the navy-pier is this joyful sculpture of life-size playing children.

Inside the Navy pier buildings, is a huge stained window-exhibition. Part of it was of mosaics, I think this elephant is so elegantly made. Up close, the shades in the stones, and their direction humbly suggests, and then looking at it as a whole, it is so very clear, that this IS an elephant.

So what has been my favorite part of Chicago?

Well, of all things, I really like all the back-streets, dark and narrow and filled with fire-escape-ladders. I realize this might make me seem a bit weird, but t hey look like the best set-design for so many musicals. It´s a wonder people here don´t suddenly burst into song and dance! :-)

And I really like Andersonville, the area where Birgitte and John are living. Some funky shops like Foursided. I´ve never seen so many type-writer-parts or game-pieces before. The beach up here is lovely too, bet it´s nice in the summer, swimming in Lake Michigan.

Doesn´t this image just make you long for summer?


Lulu said:

“Doesn´t this image just make you long for summer?”
YES!  Wow Janne, I didn’t realize you were doing a whole cross-country thing.  Your trip is amazing!  And definitely, next time you come west, I would love to have you come play at the new table!!!
xoxo lulu

Andrew said:

Now don’t buy too much stuff, you need to leave room for the objet trouve d’art that you take home to work on 🙂

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One Response to “My last day in Chicago”

  1. jenea Says:
    May 1st, 2010 at 16:24

    Your trip looks very good and interesting! You know, in our family, is one tradition, – if we are going in one trip, we always reserve there one our coin, for to come back in this place, once yet . You have so tradition? 😉