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Musical Highlights

By spotogspindel | August 5, 2011

Bømlo Musikallaug, now Bømlo Theatre, is celebrating it´s 10 years anniversary by staging a highlights-show from the four biggest musicals we´ve staged. All taking place in Moster Amphi Theatre, Northern Europe´s largest outdoor amphi theatre. In Bømlo, of course 🙂

(I have about 600 photos to run through, so I´m going to have to keep adding to this post whenever I have the time.)

Because of musical-royalties and other legal issues we we not allowed to use costumes for this highlights-version. But people have to wear clothes… so this time around my job was to a) make them look good and b) make them look like part of a whole and c) give a hint of a feeling of the original musical.

First up is Jesus Christ Superstar, staged in 1999 and 2001. This was the first show I ever did costume-design for, and boy, was I in for a steep learning-curve!

Heine Totland plays Jesus. An ensemble of about 40 asks him “What´s the buzz? Tell me what´s happening?”

Rein Alexander plays Caiphas, angry at the crowd singing praise to Jesus.

And here Espen Hana playing king Herod, with his charleston-dancing crew. The dresses the girls are wearing were used in the original staging in -01.

No less than 4 Marys in the highlights-version, three of whom I sewed dresses for.

Tonje Bakken in an asymmetrical pink-yellow rayon-cotton dress.

Elisabeth Moberg in her long bias-cut taffeta gown.

And finally Britt Synnøve Johannsen in her draped dress.

Finally, Sigurd Sele plays Judas. This guy gives everything on stage, and strictly wouldn´t need a microphone, as he has lungs worthy of an elephant 🙂

“Jesus Christ Superstar! Do you think you´re what they say you are?”

Next up is Miss Saigon. Staged for the first time in Norway at Moster in 2009, directed by Lisa Kent, who also had the direction for this show.

The love story of American Chris and Vietnamese Kim, played by Rune Svendsen and Mareike Wang.

Rein leads the soldiers in the male choir, singing “Bui Doi”, (the dust of life). About the unwanted children of mixed raced parents, living in orphanages in Vietnam.

Pure male choir-song can be incredibly beautiful!

And then there is “American Dream”! Two engineers for the occation, Helge Jordal and Sigurd Sele.

This Ginger Rodgers dress was newly made. I made the pattern and did the finishes, while my good friend Elisabeth Bogen did the sewing.

I also had to make a new Liberty, played by Britt Synnøve. Not a great angle of the draped flag, but what can you do..

Another dress I made was for Marilyn Monroe, alias Elisabeth.

Moving ever so swiftly on. After the interval, came Chess, written by Benny Anderson and Bjørn Ulvaeus and Tim Rice. Norwegian premiere in Moster Amfi in 2006, directed by Birgit Amalie Nielsen.

My original costumes for this show were all cream in the first half, and then brightly warm colored in the second half. For the highlights-version, we made them very formal black and white. No shock 🙂

The musical conductor, Bjørn Skagestad, trying to conduct both the choir in Merano, and Helge in base-drum, Sigurd on a triangle and Espen with cymbals…

Rein´s version of “Anthem” harvested massive applause.

Tiny Britt Synnøve with the big, big voice.

“Cause I´m the arbiter, I know the score!”

Heine´s “Pity the child” is so beautifully moving it hurts.

The beautiful Susanne dances like a dream.

“Did I plan, doing all of this, for the love of a man?” askes the lovely Elisabeth, quietly accompanied by Sigurd on his guitar.

And why not go with a bang?! In “One night in Bangkok”, Øystein Kausrud arrives on the rock shelf dresses as a temple-dancer, to blow fire.

Hang on for the last chapter of the show: Les Miserables!

First, all the Lovely Ladies.

Elisabeth as Fantine.

Tonje as Eponine.

And what is Les Miserables without Master of the house?!

Actually, TWO masters of the house!

And of course, the misses 🙂

Rein as Jean Valjean singing “Bring him home”. OMG! Favorite-song-alert!

Sigurd, as Enjolras, encouraging the people in song:

Do you hear the people sing?

Singing a song of angry men

it is the music of the people

who will not be slaves again

When the beating of your heart

echoes the beating of the drums

there is a life about to start

when tomorrow comes.

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One Response to “Musical Highlights”

  1. Lars Says:
    August 10th, 2011 at 08:17

    Great pics, Janne. And you are hard-working.
    Loved the comment about Sigurd’s lungs 😉
    Have a wonderful premiere at Seim.