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more Skansn

By spotogspindel | November 19, 2009

Remember my uncle Ola´s amazing play house for his grand-daughter? I visited them both, and could see the house with my own eyes today!


To get an impression of the size, the tower is over 4 meters high. And just the foundation took weeks to make. All the rocks are from the grounds around the house.


Personally, I think the view here is pretty amazing! The house is in the bay of one of the norwgian fjords in Sogn.


Turns out he´s actually made the windows from scratch! There are 14 different sizes! He first made a frame (the pane), inserted the glass, added the wood framing it on the outside, and then all the crosses. What a job! This window is one of the bigger one, at about 30×50 cm.


Another important detail is the chimneys. All copies of the originals. 


Now he is working on the paneling on the inside. Some of the wood is from the old living-room in his daughter´s house, some they got from a local wood-dealer, some they got from a friend. He still needs lists, and is going to paint everything white. He´ll add electricity, so there will be lights there. Look at the details in the panelling in the ceiling!

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One Response to “more Skansn”

  1. Deirdra Doan Says:
    November 22nd, 2009 at 09:33

    How magnificent! What a place. My Grandfather built me a play house once. I begged and begged. He was a cabinet maker for a living. I never dreamed it would be big. He made an A frame that had two beds that came down from the sides so adults could stand in the middle and sleep in it. For the inside he used wood pieces he gathered. Light Ash wood and dark stained walnut so it was a checker board. This last photo reminds me of him. What a treasure the house is. Thanks.