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More sea-creatures

By spotogspindel | June 10, 2015

The final three days at Brosteinteateret & Hemmingstad Kulturhus have been busy! I almost regret to say that the final day was today: the people here are so wonderful and inspirational, and it´s been such a treat working with them!


Kriatina showing off the starfish she´s been working on the past days. None of the costumes photographed are absolutely finished in these photos, you´ll have to come see the show to see them in action! The starfish has gotten a lot of extra glitter now.  I mean, how can you be a star, if you don´t sparkle??!! 😉


The crab was done in a jiffy! Much quicker than I thought. The hood with the bulging eyes are one piece. The leggings (shoes missing here) another piece. And finally the body is in one piece. The arms are a bit long, but he reaches the claw with his thumbs, so he can make them work.


The big, bad octopus! This is the first fitting, and it has been altered. His legs and feet are two of the legs, his arms another two, and the remaining four legs are sewn onto the head. Each leg is pretty heavy, so it´s a real work-out for the actor to just move around in this costume.


And finally, one of the four guppies (small fish). Still with a lot of chiffon-fins missing. The head-gear is imported by the director from China.


The fabric palette. Quite ordinary fabrics, but used in the right combination of shape and size, it can turn out to some cool costumes.


Thank you to the gang over at Brosteinsteateret! I am so looking forward to coming back to see the show in November!

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