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More DOF-artwork

By spotogspindel | October 4, 2009

Here are some more pictures from DOF´s new head-quarters. I still have a couple of pictures to deliver, so in another couple of weeks, I will post the rest of the office-pictures.


This is one of the meeting room-walls on the 4th floor, which is home of DOF Management. The picture is a 180 degrees picture from Austevoll, and the same picture continues on the wall opposite of this one. All the meeting-room pictures are printed on frosted foil. The orange picture at the end of the corridor is one they had from before.


This is from the public area on the 4th floor. The earth reflecting the sky “The floating world” is mine, the mall one they had before (although it looks very much like something I would have made) The floating world is a photoshoped photograph printed on aluminum. You can see the metal shine through the image, which creates a very interesting effect.


This is a canvas-picture, at the end of the sight-line of a corridor on the 4th floor.


Here is a meeting-room picture on the 5th floor, which is where DOF Subsea has their offices. As you can see, they are already hard at work. “Challenging the world seas” is one of their mottos, and that is also the text on this picture.


The interior is very strictly black and white, and they wanted some color to soften up the institutional feel. This canvas of two old ships add some color on the 5th floor.


Here is another meeting-room on the 5th floor. In the back-panel you can see one of their specialities: the “underwater-tractor”. The text on the front panel states their vision in a few words:

integrity -safety – excellence – teamwork – respect

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