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More arting at Michelle´s

By spotogspindel | April 1, 2010

Today has been another just great day! Deirdra came by again, and I helped her finish her skirt, that we started sewing last night. That is, she is planning to tie-dye it and maybe add some embroidery. I am very much looking forward to seeing it all done on her blog.

Alexis joined us for a while to. She is super-sweet. Lucky for us, her hobby is baking cookies. Yum! That girl is feeding us! Here she is with her self-made cookie-fairy that will presenting all her home-baked cookies on her soon-to-come blog.

I finished the mask, (might need more VERY matte finish) which I totally think looks like an ostrich. Even though it kind of looks a bit like a duck on the pictures, in real life it is totally an ostrich. Actually I don´t think the picture does him justice. No wait. It´s a her. I´ll be needing a good name for her. Suggestions?

This is a project I´ve been thinking about trying out for a while now. Turning a book into a secret storage space. When I came across this cute book, I thought to myself, now is the time. 

After I bought it, I saw how perfect the title fits. So if I ever forget where I hid my treasures, the title will help me remember 🙂

First I started out carving out some of the pages. Skipping the first 1/2 cm of pages, I used a scalpel to cut through the pages. This is a fairly poor quality paperback-paper that rips easily, so I am being careful not to rip to much. 

All the pages are finally out… except a few in the front.

Gluing down all the leftovers from the pages (yes, every one!). Took some time, but I´m busy thinking about what treasure I´ll be hiding in the secret compartment. 

Now, drying will take just about forever, so I cheated. This is what I did yesterday 😉 Ha, ha! Gotcha there!

Anyway, the book dried partly at least overnight, and today I was back on working on the secret chamber-book. Sculpting in apoxie clay, adding the rest of the snake-skin I got from Rhonda, and enclosing the other eye from the set I bought at Artfest. Using acrylics, I “deMenged” it. (Painted it the Michael deMeng-way with watered out colors)

It looks innocent for a while…

still not so bad…

… and then it just pops out at you, doesn´t it? I can´t believe I was able to make something so cool. I am totally enjoying making creepy 3D stuff!!!

Ok. Next project. Deirdra showed us yesterday how she had dyed some cotton muslin for a textile journal. I dyed some pieces…

and painted over them with acrylics, so they would be easier to paint and write on. I also borrowed a couple of stamps from Deirdra to make variation on the pages.

I wanted to combine it with paper and make a journal. I had an old, small book with me. 

(An old theatre-play from 1870. I am SO wrecking antiques this week. Yikes) 

Placing the pages in the right order.

Michelle showed me how I could sow it all together.

Gluing the pages onto the cover with PVA-glue.

Using pages from the original book pasted over the new water-color pages, and partly painting over them (at least over the letters, the rest of the pages were incredibly beautifully colored by age anyway). Ups – i forgot pictures of that. Tomorrow.

The book is drying. There´s a lot of paint and glue here. Thank you so much for the time-saving device, Mr. Heat-Gun-Inventor!

I am again surprised at the outcome  and I can´t believe how easy it was to make a book. I´ve been wanting to learn this for years, and finally got around to it. I´m happy with the result, and ever so slightly intimidated by the beauty of the pages. Now I´m thinking I have to paint incredibly beautiful images in here (not my strong side). No regrets though 🙂

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One Response to “More arting at Michelle´s”

  1. Jodie Smith Says:
    September 28th, 2010 at 21:55

    Love your stuff! Where do you find eyes like that? I live in the Bay Area but I don’t think there are any shops here that carry “eyes” or the “skin”. You are a wonderful artist!