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Midsummers night

By spotogspindel | June 23, 2009

Since it is the day of the year with the shortest night, but a night filled with superstition about witches, I´ll post a picture from “Which witch”. The tradition in Norway is to celebrate this evening by making big bon-fires. In Denmark, they also take the time to make a life-size, human figure posing as a witch, and puts “her” at the top of the bonfire, to “get rid of all evil”, I suppose. For more info on witches, read here. 

This is a link-site with both English and Norwegian sites about witches, and the history and myths surrounding them.

The tale says it was on this night that all the witches would gather on certain, sacred mountains for their ritual celebrations with the devil. Blocksberg, in Germany, is probably the most well-known mountain like this. In Norway, we have Løvstakken in Bergen. 

Even if Norwegians don´t really believe in witches anymore, we still keep the tradition of the bon-fire. But now it is more for barbeque-purposes. 


This fire was made by Axel, my special-effects-phyro-technician-man, for the outdoor performance of “Which witch”. It is a real fire with real flames, and every night the actor/singer who played the role as Maria Vitoria, was thrown into the fire, and burned to death while the ensemble was singing “Burn the witches! Laudate Domino! Hallelujah! Trust in your God!”. (I highly recommend getting your hands on a CD, to listen to the music of this rock-opera/ musical, written by Benedicte Adrian and Ingrid Bjørnov.)

As a member of the audience it is a chilling experience. But for Axel and Maria Vittoria, this is where the special effects come in. She has to die every night, so she needs to survive the flames. I´m not gonna tell you how they did it, just that it was spectacular and scary and beautiful and more scary! In front you see the executioner.

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One Response to “Midsummers night”

  1. Astri Says:
    June 24th, 2009 at 12:07

    Flott bilde. Litt søtt å tenke på at det var der de traff kvarandre…