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Midnight sightseeing

By spotogspindel | July 13, 2011

Days are so busy, I don´t have time to blog! But yesterday we were in Bergen, and ALMOST caught the ferry… which meant that we a two hour wait. Waiting on a quay can be boring, so we did a little midnight sightseeing 🙂

This is Lysekloster, the old convent ruins at Lysefjorden from 1146, outside Bergen.

The craftmanship of the masons is remarkable, I think.

Doesn´t this remind you a bit of a gargoyle?

Some people might find it scary to wander around old ruins with open graves… not us!

I wanted to show you this picture, just so you can see how light it is at 11.30 at night. The lighting here is exactly like it was realtime.

Maybe it´s because the moon was almost full, big and in a very warm hue.

And finally the ferry came 🙂


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