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Welcome to my site! I work as an eco-designer, an artist, as a teacher and as a researcher, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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Mariann´s picture

By spotogspindel | October 28, 2013

A classic coastal-romantic picture for another member of the sea-people 😉


“Blue as can be”, 30×30 cm

Moving to a new place, changing routines, getting a new job with other assignments… it all adds up to changing a life. One of my routines that I´ve seem to have misplaced is blogging. It used to be everyday, and now it´s only every now and then. My job is filled with creativity, but less of my own creativity and more of somebody else’s, and it´s my job to copy it. So in a way it feels like there is less to blog about. After all it is meant to be an inspirational blog about my creative life. Combined with my camera-battery-charger being lost in the moving (not good) which leaves me without a camera (I need to do something about that).

BUT, there are some interesting projects, big and small, in the horizon, so don´t give up on me just yet.

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One Response to “Mariann´s picture”

  1. gail Says:
    October 29th, 2013 at 00:43

    Give up on you? Never! Those creative forces inside you will churn until they find their way out, and I will look forward to seeing what comes next. 🙂