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Kim plays

By spotogspindel | April 13, 2013

Kim Leker (Kim plays) is the name of the youth show that I´ve been working on for Haugesund Theatre. This is the whole gang of wonderful young actors:

Director: Elisabeth H. Aars

Set- and costume-design: Janne Robberstad

Lighting-design: Øyvind Løype

Below are some photos of the actors, the set and from the show.

Two of the crazy-cool kids, who literarily adds color to the show: Oda and Eline as Mini and Monty.

And the strict security-guard Gerd, played by comic talent Marie.

Trygve plays the role of Kim, and he has some really fine and vulnerable moments in between the humor.

Monty meditating on the Sand-box we borrowed.

Another picture of Kim playing around with a big wheel.

The lip-gloss girly-girl-gang: Alexandra, Maiken, and Arja.

Another two wonderful characters: the exquisitely beautiful Helene (played by Ine) hangs out with girl-nextdoor Becky (played by Lisbeth) to gain access to Becky´s step-brother. Becky wants him to herself. And so does every other girl in the girly-girl-gang.

More photos from the show below, taken by Grete Nygaard for Haugesund Teater.

The set, almost all in place. The walls are all 1 x 2meters, and they swing around on a metal rod hidden inside. On one side I´ve used old corrugated iron roof-plates, that were going to be thrown away. On the other side, I´ve printed three abstract pictures onto a textile wallpaper. The remaining two have white backs, to be used as part of the show, that demands a VERY white wall…

The sandbox, I´ve borrowed from the road construction company. The big wheel we also got for free. The bench is in blues, even though it doesn´t show too well here, and is also an abstract print I made. Below are  photos of the model.

We´ve shifted things around a bit, to make the flow of the action a bit better.


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One Response to “Kim plays”

  1. Tammy Says:
    April 15th, 2013 at 17:44

    You’ve been busy my friend!! The kids look like they were having such a fun time! Your trip photos are awesome! you sure know how to travel :o) All those sets! I was BLOWN away by the mini Venice inside a building!!!! WHOA! That is crazy :o) Miss you! Hope you are doing wonderful this week. Working on a painting I am donating to a fundraiser this week. Hope I can make it look as cool on canvas as my ideas in my head! xoxox Tam