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By spotogspindel | October 13, 2016

I admit, I hadn´t heard of Kanazawa before, but now it´s a favorite city! So much culture, tradition and art, old and modern, in one place! Wow! If you´re ever going to Japan, try to make a stop in Kanazawa! Here are just a very few photos of what I experienced in one day in Kanazawa:


First thing on my agenda, actually the only thing that was planned, was a kimono silk-painting class. Above is the result, which I think turned out amazingly bad. The pattern was already drawn on, so all I had to do was fill in the colors. And I call myself an artist… ayayay! Oh well. You can´t win them all.


The kimono-silk place was in the middle of the samurai-district, so looking at a map, walking in the general direction of the castle-park, I walked through the entire samurai-district and made a stop at an old samurai-house. Above is a close-up of the armor he wore. It´s made from metal, bamboo, rope and textile.


The garden was a sight for sore eyes. Such serene beauty and tranquil peace.


Moving on, I made it to the castle, which had been rebuilt (after the war, I think) Here´s a photo on how to build an earthquake-proof wall with natural materials. The new-build was quite astonishing, I was impressed with the skills and craftsmanship gone into it! It didn´t look too bad either 😉


From the castle I walked on to the neighboring park, ranked number three in Japan, if I´m not mistaken. It was needless to say, stunning! If you look at the picture above, you see a ladder and a white helmet at the top. That is one of tow gardeners plucking needles of the tree, to keep it in it´s typical, picturesque Japanese style. There was another army of gardeners not too far away, sweeping the moss under the trees free from needles and other “unwanted, messy” nature… Wow. They were talking and laughing and seems to have a good time.


It seems popular for both tourists and japanese alike to rent a kimono for a few hours and walk around a park or a historic district. This however is the real thing. Above is a newly-wed couple, traditional Japanese-style. (I have a kimono just like hers at home!) Beautiful!

Inside the park was the Museum of traditional arts and crafts. It was so modest, just lying there not saying much. Yet the inside hid such treasures! Explaining the different techniques and materials of old Japanese crafts, while also showing newer versions. There was also a contemporary exhibition of glass-art from all over the world, even a contribution from Norway.


Then I moved down to the 21st Century museum of modern art. Turned out it was closed, but it was still well worth the trip. The architecture was a treat, with it´s HUGE round glass building. Outside there were interactive sculptures. And inside one exhibition was open after all: ART-AQUARIUM. Loads of people, so it seemed to be a famous artist, but I hand´t heard of him. Every singe art-piece was an aquarium with goldfish in them. Loads and loads of goldfish. Aquariums in all shapes and sizes. Like the one below.


And finally I went to the the geisha-district. This old part of the city was very charming, much smaller houses than in the samurai-area.


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One Response to “Kanazawa”

  1. gail Says:
    October 13th, 2016 at 18:20

    My head is just spinning, imagining all the fantastic things you’ve described! I love the idea of art aquariums, the garden is stunning, and the young married couple is so fresh and lovely. Your kimono silk looks great to me — if that result is ‘bad,’ I shudder to think what my efforts would be called. In your case, the emphasis is on AMAZING.