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IF influence

By spotogspindel | August 20, 2011

“Courage is never to let your actions be influenced by your fears”

Arthur Koestler

Influence is Illustration Friday´s theme this week. I think Arthur´s quote is a good guideline for so many everyday challenges. The lovely diva in the picture is Gertrude Lawrence, starring in “Oh, Kay!”.

But personally the word influence for me this week is 1926. It is the year of which the new musical “Amanda” is set, and this week has been all about researching the age and era for the costume-design I am working on.  The 1920s were such a graceful age when it came to fashion. So playful, so stylish, so simple in silhouette, so fine in it´s details, so elegant, so beautiful.

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One Response to “IF influence”

  1. Isabelle Cardinal Says:
    August 22nd, 2011 at 15:33

    Love your collage!! I saw that quote while looking for… influence quotes!! hehehe and that was actually the only one I related to! It goes extremely well with your collage! I looove the colors you used and the general feel, very vapory, it’s perfect for the theme. Hoooo costume designs from the 1920’s… what a wonderful era!! That’s awesome!! Have fun designing!!