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Welcome to my site! I work as an eco-designer, an artist, as a teacher and as a researcher, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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Human relations at the salmon conveyor

By spotogspindel | April 11, 2015

Tonight is the premiere of “The Salmon Conveyer” (Lakselinja). Bømlo Teater is staging Nina Sele´s show.


It´s an original piece, a mix between dance-theatre and theatre. It´s repetitive, almost meditative. Is there such a thing as meditation-theatre? But there are also funny parts, sad parts and mad parts.


The salmons in the background is an underwater film that keeps on going. The salmon look like they´re dancing to the same music as the actors. It´s really beautiful! The film was taken inside a salmon cage at a local salmon farm. (Thank you so much, Terje!)


At one point there is a breakdown of the machinery.


Who you gonna call?! The fixer! (danced by Nina)

Man against the machine. Ooo… this is my favorite music!


All the music is written originally by Hans Olav Molde, and it just fits the story and the set beautifully! I truly wish you could hear it, it´s magical! It´s based on actual factory-sounds at the salmon conveyor line, and added beats and music and moods on top.


In the cantina at break-time. You´re almost half-way in the show before the actors start talking, planning their Christmas party. Which is more like a tutti-frutti-party, with it´s punch-fountain and umbrella-drinks.


Joakim added beautiful light and worked with setting the film. He´s such a wiz!


A bit about the set. It includes 900 styrofoam-boxes, some places stacked as high as 8 meters. Styrofoam is not exactly environmentally friendly, but every single one of these boxes will be recycled. They have a short travel, made only 3 kilometers from the culture house, where they will go back and get a new life next week.


And what is the story about?

All these different people, working side by side on the conveyor line. What are they thinking about? What goes on in their minds? Here are some possible scenarios:


“Yes, you can have ice-cream. But only call me at work if it´s really important!”


“Add vinegar and sugar, let it marinate with herbs….”


“Should I let my daughter travel alone? Is it safe?”


“We had good times. She cooked me food, I went on a country-festival with my friends…”


“I want to travel the world, see, explore!”


“What if, one day, the perfect salmon came along, and I fell in love?!!”


“I wonder what he´s feeding the cat. Probably the most expensive cat-food!”


“Should I really teach math for the rest of my life? I thought to myself in the middle of a math-class”


Staged by Bømlo Teater in Bømlo Culture-house

Script and direction: Nina Sele

Original music and sound: Hans Olav Molde

Choreography: Simba Dzowa

Scenography: Janne Robberstad

Light-design: Joakim Foldøy

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