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By spotogspindel | August 13, 2011

Yes, you read right. Probably not an obvious combination, but in Haugesund they thought it was a splendid idea 🙂 Probably because the city is “built” on herring. And now every year there is a jazz festival. A traditional New Orleans jazz festival. Well, there´s lots of other music too.

So today´s assignment was to dress up this lovely bouquet of young girls as charleston-dancers for the main parade. They are all in Amanda, the musical, and were handing out leaflets for the show.

This is my next big show, it´s opening October 19th.

Back to the jazz.

I am quite a fan of traditional New Orleans jazz. Probably because I´ve lived in New Orleans when I was a kid, and the music brings back some really good memories.

A yes, the colorful herrings. In a sea of people!

I wasn´t really supposed to join in, but did anyway. I decided that my 3 years as a “New Orleansean” qualified me. And what fun! Bands in front of us, a choir behind us, loads of people along the route, and we´re all dancing/playing/singing to “Oh when the saints”. Funfunfun! This made me so happy today!

Oh, and the costumes? I made those in 2001 for Jesus Christ Superstar, and they are not going to be used in this fall. Came in handy today though 🙂

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