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By spotogspindel | August 13, 2011

Håkonarspelet på Seim is a historic play set to the year 960, and it follows the life of King Håkon the Good.

The choir are all fallen warriors, now celebrating in Valhall. With beautiful voices they tell the epic story, music newly composed by Reid Gilje.

All dressed in shades of purple, the hues of the magic hour of sun-set, and led by Jorunn Shield-maiden.

To add to the mysterious feel, I´ve added details in gold.

Jorunn at one point, throws down part of her dress towards earth, to symbolize the contact between Valhall and Mid-earth.

My two favorite costumes are for Odin´s two ravens: Hugin and Munin. Dancers Marthe Kristiansen and Karoline Heggedal do a wonderful job as Odin´s eyes.

Valhall is elevalted above the orchestra, and it really seems to be floating mid-air.

What is Valhall without Odin himself? Played and sung by Henning Sudmann.

Cape in cotton velvet with fake fur lining, linen trousers, silk velvet top and a golden brocade-belt.

I made several capes for the production. Like this big red linen one for the ladies leading the blót.

Another cape made from leather for the skald, played by Preben Hodneland. The rest of the costumes are either from previous stagings, or privately owned by some of the actors.

Let me show you a couple of other photos from the show.

The pagan ritual blot was part of the show.

No viking show without a battle, right?

Håkonarspelet is directed by Leif Egil Vatnøy.

Set-design by Robbie Sinnott.

Choreography by Ane Smørås.

Lighting design Axel Sundbotten.

Principals: Siren Jørgensen, Frank Andreassen, Lynni Treekrem, Nils Ole Oftebro, Frode Winther, Preben Hodneland.

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3 Responses to “Haakonarspelet”

  1. Teleri Says:
    August 13th, 2011 at 12:15

    That is one big horn Odin’s carrying 😀

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist ;))

  2. Eira Says:
    August 14th, 2011 at 15:07

    SO proud to have been a part of the team of this play, and especially a part of YOUR team Janne… I’ll do it again, anytime.. just call me <3

    I saw the sunset along with the play, and I really saw the colours protrude… you caught them perfectly… and the symbolic meaning of it all stands out so clear for me…

    Thanks for being so including, I've had a blast all throughout the process of making the costumes, learning about the meaning behind your choices, and at last being a part of the whole team on Håkonarspelet.. from beginning to the end..

    Had a fantastic party last night, drove home early in the morning and saw the most spectacular sunrise, and thougt about how blessed I am.


  3. may helen ulvøy Says:
    August 16th, 2011 at 20:45

    Wery Good !!!