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By spotogspindel | April 16, 2018

It´s been a dream for years, of course, going to Brazil. This big, bold and beautiful country. Expecting all senses to be on overload, with the music, the vibrant colors, the rich nature, the spices… And to a large degree, I was right. Even though I came AFTER the carnival,…

… and the food is mildly spiced, it was still an impressive place for the senses.

Though some might argue I didn´t really see Brazil at all, only visiting the South with Rio de Janeiro and Campos and not the Amazon. First day in Rio, I joined an organized tour to see some of the sights, and first stop of course was Christ the Redeemer. The drive up to him, was fascinating: going through the city, the favelas…

… and finally what seemed like the rainforest, with lush, green life growing both horizontal and vertical, it seemed. SO beautiful!

Christ the Redeemer was built in the 10930s, and he´s quite impressive standing … feet tall with his eternal blessing. He did seem a bit quiet, I admit, but maybe he was just disappointed that his guests seemed more interested in taking selfies, than reflecting on Him. Or even admiring the view.

Another stop on the tour, was this colorful, tiled stairs:

There is a surprising amount of graffiti and street-art in South America.

In Rio, the real hero is #kobra, who made these amazing portraits in the museum-area. Luckily I got to see them before heading for the airport.

Some of the incredibly cool architecture in Rio:

The real reason for visiting Brazil, was not to do a sightseeing-tour of Rio, but to attend the 11th International Meeting of Astronomy and Astronautics as the representative for the Global Science Opera.

Along with a hand-full of other guests, much more prominent than myself, I was picked up and chauffeured to Campos and set up in a new hotel there. I´ll let you in on a secret: astro-folks are really cool people! Such fun and interesting to be with! Brazil has several astro-physics clubs connected to schools, and several of them participated in this conference, some of them even presenting real scientific research of importance. Hands down, I was so impressed! One young man even got an asteroid named after himself, because he was the one who discovered it! Now that is pretty cool, if you ask me! My humble contribution to the scene was an introductory presentation of the GSO and of eco-design. I also held a mini-GSO-workshop.

And I got to visit the – school! This school does such important work, offering their students both food for thought, soul and even stomach! The teachers do an amazing job here, clearly, as the students are so talented! It was a joy to visit and see how they worked. I did a mini-mini eco-design workshop here too with some of the kids. After only a couple of days in Campos, I made some beautiful friends, whom I feel so grateful for meeting!

A well-known sight! Three DOF-ships in the Rio de Janeiro-harbour!



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  1. Siri Says:
    May 3rd, 2018 at 22:29

    Så spennende! 🙂