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from a different angle

By spotogspindel | September 20, 2012

I´m am having really great days here in Aarhus. The theatre is an old and grand lady of 120 years, the people in it are helpfulness incarnated. Walking in the corridors, it reminds me of a labyrinth, and I keep thinking of Phantom of the opera. They say that was inspired by the opera in Paris, but it might as well of been here! So many doors and corridors!

Come to think of it, I think I haven´t told you WHY I´m here. MOZART is a co-production bewteen Betty Nansen teater in Copenhage, Aarhus teater in Aarhus, and Rogaland teater in Stavanger. I will be head of the costumes in Stavanger, and am now in Aarhus to learn as much as possible about the show and the costumes in three days.

I just have to share  photo from the little park in front of the theatre. There is a big family of old pianos there, as part of a temporary art-exhibition. I love unexpected stunts like that!

Anyway. Back to Mozart. We´ve had more costume fittings, note-takings, preparations for transfer, more rehearsals on costume-changes and info of how to treat them. The costumes. And I met Anja Vang Krag, the designer! She is so talented! I´ll have to show you more of the costumes as the fall comes and I start working in Stavanger.

This is a picture of a couple of the actors on stage, with the audience watching them, the photo taken from the back of the stage. A rare angle. Hence the post-title.

I am so loving the concept of this show, all the wild ideas immaculately performed and put to life. The actors and musicians are great, but the team backstage, all the tiny details to make this show run smoothly is what is truly impressive!

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