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fake shakes and cosy covers

By spotogspindel | January 26, 2015

We´re in the last week – Thursday is the opening night of GREASE!

Some of today´s props include making milk-shakes. That is, empty milk-shake-glasses. That still have a hint of milkshake in them. No clean glasses in other words.


I found these funky plastic glasses in a charity-shop, made a mixture of acrylic paint, high-gloss glue and water, poured it in and back out again. Some of it stuck, and hopefully, when it´s dry tomorrow, it might look like the real thing…


The girls have a quick scene-change, and carry this queen bed on stage in seconds. No wheels. How do they do it? The mattress is filled with air! 😉 The cover is also bought second hand, and gives the perfect romantic feel of a young, romantic girl in the 50s.

One of my jobs is to be a stage-technician. Mainly it consists of giving and receiving props, and moving these big steel stair-cases. They´re all on wheels, and fairly easy to move.


This is what it looks like from behind. The carseats from my last backstage-post are done. 🙂


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