Janne Robberstad

Welcome to my site! I work as a costume-designer and an artist, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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I made the graphic design for this site:


Please click on any of the exhibitions, and you will see the photos.

2018-2019: STING – Embroidery exhibition, Jærmuseet avd. Garborgsenteret

2018: Womens day-exhibition, Stord Kunstlag, curator and artist March-April 

2017: Familylife at the lighthouses (Familieliv på fyr), Rælingen Kunstforening – August 19th – September 3rd)

2017: Familylife in the lighthouses (Familieliv på fyr), Leirvik fyr, Stord; Venelaget for Leirvik Fyr and Stord  culture-office. June 11th-18th


2017: 6 000 000 stitches – embroidery exhibition Bømlo Kunstlag (solo) (Bømlo art group) February 25th – march 7th 2017


2016-2017: STING – Embroidery exhibition at Sunnhordland Museum (solo) – April 30th – January 15th (2017)


2016: Stord Art Group: The International Women´s Day Exhibition (group) – March 8th – April 8th


2015: Summer Exhibition at Galleri Bekkjarvik

2014: “Familielife in the lighthouses”, Bovbjerg Lighthouse in Denmark

2014: “Familylife in the lighthouses“- tour:


2014: TAU Møllepark 


2014: Galleri Bekkjarvik (September- November)

2013: “Lighthouses” Lindesnes Fyr 


2013: “H O M E”, Moster Amfi, mostraspelsutstillar


2012: Galleri Bekkjarvik, Austevoll

2010: Havlys, Austevoll

2009:  Christmas Exhibition, Galleri Giga

2008: “Before After” Bømlo Kunstlag, Bømlo Culture house

2007: Christmas-exhibition, Bømlo Kunstlag, Wichmannsmio

2006: “Impressions from the east and from the vest” Galleri Café, Husnes

2006: Horizons Lothes Mat og Vinhus, Haugesund

2005: “Barock Christmas” Moster amfi, Bømlo

2004: “My ship is loaded with” Galleri Giga, Stord

1996: “Women show the way”, Oslo Spektrum

1995: 1000th year Aniversary exhibition Bømlo