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Celebrate March

By spotogspindel | March 1, 2010

March is National Craft month! How about that! We like crafting, that´s for sure! So lets be crafty this month 🙂

1. Today is share-a-smile-day. Now isn´t that a nice way to start the week 🙂 Let´s start using our creativity this month to make a beautiful postcard, and send it to your mail-man! Show the him and the people at the post-office that you appreciate the job they´re doing.

2. March is also women´s history month. Go to the library, and borrow a book on a strong women through the ages. Read up on Mary Magdalene or Marilyn Monroe, Queen Elizabeth 1 or Mother Theresa, Cleopatra or Madonna. Or read a bit about all of them, by for instance this book: Women Who Changed the World

3. Doll festival in Japan: Hinamatsuri. This might just be a great day to try sculpting your own doll. You might want to try using DAS modelling material, like I did when I made this little dog.

4. March 4th is the only day of the year that is also a command! You can use this day to celebrate your achievements and set new goals. Oh, and don´t forget to wear a flower in your hair! Flower does wonders for the soul in the cold, dark winter.

5. Today is the day Da Vinci invented the parachute. Two of my great-aunts got married right after WW2, and made their own wedding-dresses from papchute-silk, as fabric was really hard to get hold of. Inspired by my aunts, I think today should be recycle-a-piece-of-clothing-into-a-beautiful-new-garment-day!

6. Play young-me/now-me! Recreate that special Kodak-moment. Find a copy of your favorite childhood-photos, and make a new version of the picture, with the same people, only older. Oh, this is gonna be fun! I can just feel it!

7. The telephone patent was granted today. I think we can celebrate the invention by calling a friend we haven´t talked to for a long time, maybe even two. But hey, it´s Sunday, so we need to do more tan just talk on the phone. Let´s crochet! It´s impossible not to be inspired by Lucy´s colorful work at Attic24! Make your own throw or pillow or dress or maybe something else. Once you get the hang of it, you might even be able to speak on the phone while you´re crocheting! Two-in-one!

8. Working womens day. It is a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women. Make a gold-medal or two (media of your own choice) and give it to someone who really deserves it: a hard-working woman who isn´t always appreciated as much as she should be. Check the local news-paper to see what arrangements, gatherings, seminars, etc are held on this day, and join at least one of them.

Today´s song: “Sisters are doing it for themselves” by Aretha Franklin & Annie Lennox

9. Well, what do you know?! Barbie is 51 years old! If you have a little girl in your family-circle, I am sure she´ll be very happy to receive a beautiful handmade (by yourself) garment  for her Barbie. So that´s today´s creative task. You can knit or sew. But high-fashion in a mini-size it is!

10. First paper-money was issued this day in 1862. Find an old, or at least not too valuable note, and blend it into a collage. (Sorry about the reflection in the picture)

11. Have you seen the “Angels and Demons”-movie, based on Dan Brown´s book? The Illuminati have 4 anagram-branding irons, for each of the four elements. So today, find your calligraphy pen, and try to make an anagram of your name! (Did you know the main character in his book, Robert Langdon, is named after the professor who made the anagrams for the book/movie?) I´m still struggling with mine, but I did make a fairly good one of Axel´s name.

12. Plant a Flower Day is a day to get a little dirt under your fingernails. Take a few minutes to plant a flower today. If you live south of the snow, plant outside, if you live in the North, plant inside, and give the baby-seed a chance of survival before it is let out into the wild (garden). How about planting flowers you can use in decorations later on in the summer? Oh, and while you´re at it, have a pot ready for some seeds, so that the next time you eat  red pepper, put some of the seeds in the pot, and water it. They make beautiful green plants, and I´ve even gotten the cutest little red pepper for my sandwich from a homegrown plant.

13. The Good Samaritan Day. Well, there´s lots to chose from. How about taking a few hours off to visit an elderly people´s home. How boring is it to just sit there not being able to do much, and every day being the same. And how much wouldn´t a visit be appreciated. Bring a game, or a bottle of wine, or a good book to read out loud from, just as long as you bring yourself and your good company!

14.  March 14th is a relatively new holiday in modern culture. It is also known as “Male Valentine’s Day”. Ladies, if your man treated you right on Valentine’s Day, return the favor by doing something special for him on March 14th.

15. Enjoy this day with an incredible kid. Do something wild and wacky. If you don’t have an incredible kid of your own borrow one and let them know how special they are.

16. Summer is getting closer every day (I hear). And since this is clean-your-closet-week, maybe it´s time to find your summer-wardrobe. Sort through it: wash, give-away-to-charity, fix. After you´re done with the fixing, write a wish-list for new garments that you need.

17. Let´s celebrate St. Patrick´s Day by making a picture (or a journal-page around these Irish blessings:

May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back.

May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain.

May the rain fall softly upon your fields. And the sun shine warm upon your face.

Today´s song:  Sinead O´Conner´s “Famine”

18. First walk in space in 1965. Let´s learn the moonwalk! I mean, Michael Jackson´s moonwalk. We dance far to seldom. And we should do something about that! Seriously! Nothing can make you happy like dancing wildly to a real feel-good song!

19. This is the American Chocolate week. YUM! I think we should make this a world celebration! It´s been a while since I saw “Chocolate” with Johnny Depp- I think tonight might be a good option 🙂 And instead of eating popcorn, I´ll be eating… chocolate!!! Maybe I should make chocolate chip cookies? Or brownies? Or chocolate fondant!!! (I need to take a break… I´m getting hungry!)

20. First official day of spring! YAY! Celebrate by burning the snowman in your garden! Sounds weird? Apparently it´s a tradition in Switzerland… Hm! Wonder how…

Moving ever so swiftly along… It is also the national Quilting day. So let´s whip out the sewing machine, and find some leftovers and make magic! And guess what?! If you´re in London, the V&A opens it´s quilt-exhibition: over 300 years of quilting, that should tickle the inspiration.

21. Find things you don´t really need anymore, or that you know others would be really happy to receive, and give away one thing every day for the next week. That will mean, making at least 7 people happy!

22.  Make marbled paper by dripping drops of silk-paint into a flat plate filled with shaving foam. Mix the colors up with a tooth-pick, and drag the paper across. This is a (relatively) no-mess version of making marbled paper. If you want to do it the good old-fashioned way: mix oil-paints with white-spirit, and carefully drip it on to a water-filled plate, mix the pattern with a toothpick or brush. Once you get the hang of it, you´ll be making Christmas-gifts for your whole family before you know it! It´s great for making beautiful edges on envelopes, etc. It can also be really cool to use in your journal.

Afterwards, take a well-deserved bubble-bath!

23. Change your perspective. Take your camera with you and go on a path you know really well, like around the house, the neighborhood, or to work. Take pictures of things you pass on the way, but from a frog´s view. If you have stilts, do the tour once more!

24. Self-portrait night! We´ve done that before you say? Oh, but that was last year. It´s a brand new year now, and we need the practice!

25. Greek Independence day. Make Mosaka for dinner, invite your favorite friends and learn to dance the Zorba by finding tutorials on Youtube.

26. Learn encaustics! I don´t know how to yet… but I´ll be taking a course in just this technique these days, so I´ll learn. I´ve seen some awesome pictures made like this, and am so looking forward to sharing with you the results. If you take a class (online? via the library-books?) we can share our experience! Yay!

27. Today is Earth hour! Earth Hour is a global event organized by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature, also known as World Wildlife Fund) and is held on the last Saturday of March annually, asking households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights and other electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change. So find your candles and light them, and have a family evening without the TV. It´s about time you whipped out the old games, and had a game-night. Remember Life? Trivial Pursuit is also always a hit with my friends.

Today is also the World Theatre Day. So if you´d rather go see a play than play life, swap the game for another night.

28. Go Bollywood! India is such a wonderfully colorful country! Find your hot pinks and burnt orange acrylics and make a Indian-inspired painting. Or maybe you want to have a go at mosaics? You can use broken mirrors or ceramics, stones and beads, glass or plastic. Listen to Rahmann´s Chaiyya, Chaiyya for inspiration. (My favorite!! Only in India will you find an entire dance-company on the roof of a moving train)

29. Passover begins at sundown. Buy a dozen eggs, and carefully make tiny holes at the top and bottom, and blow out the yoke and white. Make something delicious in the kitchen with it, scrambled eggs for breakfast, cakes, desserts. The egg-shells are now free to be decorated. If you don´t want to paint them, try a different version this year. Boil them together with the outer onion-leaves(?) for a warm yellow tone, with red cabbage for an almost purple hue, and tea for warm pinks and oranges. Place them gently in a moss-covered plate. You might also want to decorate with small branches from some of the garden-trees. Keep them in water, and the leaves will come out with promise of spring!

30. Alaska was purchased from Russia in 1867. What do we know about Alaska other than it being the home of Sarah Palin and grizzly bears, it´s cold and wild and far away . So maybe now´s the time to read up on this state.

31. Make pancakes for dinner. With boiled potatoes and fried bacon on the side. I promise: it´s super-yummy!!! Then send me a comment with suggestions on how we can celebrate April!

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One Response to “Celebrate March”

  1. Andrew Finnie Says:
    March 5th, 2010 at 01:33

    Okay dokey, I’m having trouble breathing at the moment cause the whole world is spinning past my head like …. like a March fly! The encaustics sounds good. I’m very interested in that … whatever it is!