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Celebrate June!

By spotogspindel | June 2, 2010

1. Today is both Kids day in Russia and Dinosaur day in the USA. A perfect combination if you ask me! Take the kids to a dinosaur-museum, or go play dinosaurs in the jungle-forrest-backyard.

2. Go fishing!

3. Make a collection of small line-drawings. Buy some henna-powder and oil to make a temporary tattoo from your favorite line-doodle-drawing. The tattoo will only last a week or so, but hey! That means a week of fun!

4. Make a wholesome breakfast that is so good you´d think it was dessert! Here´s the recipe for yogurt delight: mix 1 sliced banana with 2 teaspoons of honey i a bowl. Add 1/4 cup of frozen red raspberries,  1/4 cup of frozen blackberries and 1/4 cup of frozen blueberries. Then add 1/2 cup of plain yogurt, and if you want 4 teaspoons of granola just before eating. Enjoy frozen yogurt day!

5. UN World environment day. There are literally thousands of ways to do something positive for the environment. Whatever you decide to do, tell them about it so they can post your activities on this website and make it part of the ‘Wide World of WED’ map.

6.  Today we celebrate the cows in Norway (this is new to me, but anyway). I think we should show our appreciation of cows, by using milk in one of my favorite foods:

Ice cream!

4 egg yolks
1/2 pint (250ml) milk
1/2 pint (250ml) double/heavy cream
4 oz (100g) sugar or caster sugar
1 vanilla pod (scored down the middle)

Click the recipe-link for the instructions.

7. This week is clay-week. Get some paper-clay and have fun sculpting. Look here for inspiration. And as today is Accordion Lovers Day, listen to some old Sivuca or Edith Piaf.

8. I have a big veranda on the roof of my house. Every year I invite some of my friends over for “tak-terasse-taco” (roof-terrace-tacos). I cover the floor with all my kelim-rugs, find all the biggest pillows, and all the most colorful plates for the food. Lots of vegetables and sauces and drink to choose from, and a feel-good music compilation, and PARTY! You can copy the image below, and add the invitation-text onto it:

9. To celebrate Donald Duck birthday, sit down and make a cartoon. Find your own story and plot, and make a short story to fill a page. It also happens to be the National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day. So guess what you have to make for dessert?! O, yum!!

10. Make a big batch of ice tea, find your hammock and a good book, and have a very relaxed summer-afternoon.

11. Today is National Feed the Ducks Day. (Pigeons don’t count). Personally I intend to attend a tango-course today!

12. Learn a magic trick today. Maybe you can find a trick here. Now practice!

13. “Creating with Your Heart Day”, a way to honor the values in your heart with action. Well, that says it all, doesn´t it. Let´s get creative!

14. Today is Family History Day, and I want to start working on my big family album that I´ve been planning for some time now. An old victorian album where every one of my great-grand-parents get their own page. I´ll have to see how much I can find out about them, and try to incorporate some of it into their pages.

15. Go fly a kite. Don´t have one? No problem. Make one!

16. Meet a Mate Week  begins today. Travel, sports events, volunteer activities, all great ways to meet new people in summer..

17. Let´s celebrate with Iceland today. It´s their indpendance day. Iceland IS more than volcanos and ash-clouds, even though that´s pretty much all that´s been on the news lately. They´ve got some really great designers, and are way ahead of the rest of us in fashion for example.

18. Take your family with you on a picnic. It doesn´t have to be far. Eating outside in the nature can be great. I think the fresh air probably gives a better appetite.

Today is Constitution Day in Seychelles, a nation of 79,000 people on 86 islands in the Indian Ocean. Maybe we should read up on this tiny, exotic country. And dream of visiting…

19. Invest in a small tent. A two-person tent is big enough. Go camping. If you don´t live anywhere near a camping park, go camping in your own garden. Sleeping outside at night, in a sleeping bag, is just another experience! Even if you are just two feet from your house, the sounds are different, the smells are different! Bring a flashlight and tell spooky stories to each other. Because you need to bring a friend to enjoy this with 🙂 and come to think of it, you might need marshmallows for munching too 🙂

20. Today is finish-a-project-day. I invented this one myself, and it shouldn´t just be a day, it should be week! I´m gonna start with fitting that beautiful 50s vintage dress I got at a flee-marked. If you don´t have any unfinished projects (yeah, right!), why not paint the walls on your new tent. Customize it! 🙂

21. On the first official day of summer we will have an Aimless Wandering Day. Take your camera for a walk and take lots of awesome photos.

22. Today is pink. And since it is also Soap Microphone Day, shower while singing into the soap. Dress up in your pinks, and eat pink food. Hm. that would be strawberry macaroons, wouldn´t it? Listen to Pink, and sit out in the sun long enough for your nose to turn a light shade of sun-burned pink 🙂

23. Midsummers eve! This is when the sun turns in the Northern hemisphere, and days will start go grow shorter again. But tonight is the longest day in the year, and tonight the witches will be out! Make a big bonfire with all your neighbors, bring hot-dogs and marshmallows, and have a big out-door party!

It is also said that if a girl puts flowers under her pillow that night, she will dream of her future husband. (sigh…)

24. Make two tiny boat from a tree´s bark. Make the sail from a scrap of fabric. Take them to a book or a river and have a race with one of your friends.

25. Today is Independence Day in Mozambique, Slovenia, Croatia, and Bhutan. Pick one of these countries, and learn more about it. Personally Bhutan is on my dream-countries-to-visit-list. (Even though it´s quite cold there) Maybe I´ll make a picture inspired by the folk-art from Bhutan.

26. I´m going to Tuscany today, maybe we should make today an Italian wine-tasting party-evening?

27. Today is  Lemonade Day. Yay! I love lemonade! Make a big batch, and set up a table outside your house, and give away a taste to your passing neighbors. Maybe you get to know new friends? Save some of the seeds, you´ll need them to stick in a pot of soil later, so you can get a lemon-tree for next year. In cold areas, like Norway, they can grow inside.

28.Today is Long Letter Day, a time to stop and write that long letter to an old friend. If you´re out traveling, make a couple of postcards, and send them this time, don´t just save them for your scrap-book.

29. Take your water-colors with you, and find a secluded spot with a great view. Remember to bring something to drink so you don´t de-hydrate in the sun.

30. Superman´s birthday. Hm. Maybe make a special gift for you own super man? A personalized tie for instance.

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  1. Maria Says:
    June 10th, 2010 at 23:10

    Make pinwheels to celebrate the 4th of July in USA or a different holiday in Norway. I recycle plastic milk jugs for mine, but you could recycle anything stiff but pliable. Here are some directions. http://www.janbrett.com/piggybacks/piggybacks_the_hat_pinact.htm