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Celebrate January!

By spotogspindel | January 1, 2011


1. A new year has arrived. The celebration of the new year is the oldest of all holidays. It was first observed in ancient Babylon about 4000 years ago. The Babylonian new year celebration lasted for eleven days. Each day had its own particular mode of celebration.

Time to reflect and contemplate. Sum up all the good things that happened last year, and leave the bad things behind. Make a list of what you want to do this year, before your next birthday! For ideas,click here!

Learn a new dozen words, all starting with the letter Z! It´ll come in handy the next time you play scrabble. Or you can just weave the new words into a conversation when you want to impress someone.

2. Clean and organize your workspace. This way, clutter won´t get in the way of your creativity in this fresh start of a year.

Science fiction day. Sew a soft monster. If you need inspiration, look at Michelle´swonderful creatures!

3. Still snow? Go out and play! Make a snowman with a real carrot-nose! Remember to take pictures! When you come back in, relax in a comfy chair in front of the Christmas-tree and enjoy it with a big cup of hot chocolate.

First day of work in the new year. Cold? Dark? Tired? Add 8 drops of rosemary pure essential oil in the shower, turn on the water, and step in. The burst of freshness will invigorate your body from top to toe. Put on something brightly colored to cheer yourself up! You´d be amazed how much colors actually affect our mood!

4. January is hobby month. Maybe we should learn a new technique and explore it during the month.

Eat spaghetti for dinner today! Watch  Disney´s “Lady and the Tramp” while you eat.

5. Find a recipe for a good healthy granola and make it yourself, then add some freshly sliced fruit and enjoy a bowl for breakfast. Try to eat simple and light for a week or two and drink lots of water.

Bird day´s project: make a birdhouse! Check out Harmon Country Crafts,A Country Way and Door County Woodworks for inspiration! Or have a look at my version in tomorrow´s post 🙂


6. Today is the 13th-Day-Christmas, which traditionally means the end of Christmas, so in other words, time to start taking down the decorations.

Three Kings Day, end the holiday celebration with a Three Kings party. Invite your friends and exchange small gifts. Then take them out snow-grilling. Coal or logs, wieners on sticks and ketchup, and you´re in for a lot of fun with your favorite friends!

7. Make use of one of your Christmas-presents!

The typewriter was invented. If you´re lucky enough to have one, make use of it. Type a letter to a friend. If you don´t have one, make a piece of jewelry with parts of a typewriter, like one of the keys. They can be bought online, and will make the coolest, unique art-jewelry.

8.”A little less conversation, a little more action!” What do know, it´s Elvis´ birthday! Celebrate by dancing to this fun piece of music.

End the day with a lovely bubble bath. Soak in a warm tub. Think of your bathroom as a haven of pure relaxation and set the scene by dimming or turning off all of the lights, put on your favorite relaxing tunes, and light some candles. Soak for a full 20 minutes.

9. Enjoy weekend breakfast in bed. Eggs, bacon, bread, the whole lot!

This is the day you get to blow up a balloon with lots of helium, stick a note in it with your name and phone number, and let it ascend into the sky. Let’s hope whoever finds it is single (and cute).

Dance day. Be inspired by Matt!

10. Rummage through your old childhood collections. Remember all those stickers and idol-pics and napkins and stamps and bottle-tops and what-nots? Pick a couple and use it in a little art-piece or scrapbook-page or your art-journal.

scratch´n smell

My old Scratch´n sniff stickers from New Orleans. We were crazy about them in the early eighties. Do they still exist? Anyone knows?

Go green. Turn the lights off and live by candlelight for the day.

In Japan this is the coming of age-celebration, called seijin no hi. Men and women who turn 20 is celebrated on this national holiday. Twenty is the age considered as the beginning of adulthood. If you have a twenty-year old in your circle, show extra appreciation today!

11. It´s the international Thank-you-day. Make a couple of cards, painted or collaged, and send them to someone you owe a thank.

Amelia Earheart day. Find your own high-flying dreams to reach for!

12. Make three handmade and personal birthday-cards for upcoming birthdays. Homemade cards are much appreciated, even if they don´t look like they´re from Hallmark :-)

Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day. I like it! I’m sure that you ladies will think of some way to enjoy this day.

13. January 13th is New Year’s Eve in 2011, according to the old, or Julian calendar. Celebrate Old New Years’ with a second chance to make your New Year’s resolutions – maybe a bit more realistically after two weeks have passed. Several countries still celebrate this date as New Year.

Play snow-frisbee! Ha, ha, ha… this could turn out a lot of fun!

Make your dream come true day. Well, this one speaks for itself, doesn´t it?!

14. Start planning your summer-holiday. It´s not too early to dream! We´re thinking about renting a house in Tuscany in Italy. I´ve already checked the map. Four of the seven mini-states are within reach for a day-trip: The Vatican, Liechtenstein, Monaco and San Marino. A very hot tip is Shanghai, China. From May 1st to October 31st they are hosting the World Expo! I would LOVE to go there!

15.  Wear you favorite hat today.

Rent an old Carmen Miranda-movie, and have tacos for dinner!

16. Appreciate a dragon day. Dragons need to be appreciated, too. And, yes, they do exist.

Religious Freedom day. Learn more about the five big world religions. Religion is often used as an excuse for wars. The key to peace is understanding.

17. Today is Martin Luther King Jr birthday. Listen to his “I have a dream”-speech, and make a page in your art-journal.

Invite good friends over for a nice afternoon-dinner. And play Twister afterwards! You don´t have the game? Sew it! A big blanket with colored spots on :-). Now all you need is a dice, right?

18. Jazz day. Be inspired by this AMAZING bass-player!

The author A.A. Milne was born in London and created the most lovable of all characters Winnie the Pooh. Throw a Pooh party! Serve honey sandwiches, carrot sticks and Eeyore punch (blue juice).

Time for the monthly self-portrait (although we´ve been kind of forgetful about them lately… ups) This month, try sketching yourself on news-paper or phone-book paper. (This is an old one, it´s high time I have another go at it!)

19. Start a secret flirt with your spouse/dear one! (Secret between the two of you. Pretend no one should know about it.) Send each other coded text-messages, or e-mails, trying to make a date. Be shy!

Popcorn day. How can one celebrate popcorn day without a movie to go with it?!

20. Sort all your books either by color, theme or alphabetically. And while you´re at it: dust a bit. And by all means, DO get lost in a book, without even a tad of bad conscience!

Penguin awareness day. Have you seen “Happy feet”? If not, now is the time. This cute little movie about penguins and the importance of dancing is worth seeing!

21. Start reading a real-life adventure book: Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts orThree cups of tea by Greg Mortenson.

It´s hugging day today. Take the time to give hugs all around. You´ll be amazed to see how little it takes to brighten up somebody´s day. Yay!

22. Go to the library and check out their section on DVDs and CDs. They have more than books, you know. Films that have won (or have been nominated) an Oscar for best foreign film, are usually very good. (Boy! There are a lot of movies to bee seen this month, huh!?!)

Go to a concert or a theatre show. Hopefully you were able to get your secret date from the 19th to go with you :-)

23. Measure your feet. See how far apart you can stretch your toes. Then take them for a walk. Outside. When you´re home again, give them a foot-bath, a massage and a good creaming.

National Pie Day! Well, why not? Pies have always been a sweet treat to warm the cold winter days and with the holiday celebrations a fading memory, this is a great way to warm up a January cold snap.

Knit mittens! Or maybe you want to make a muff?!

24. Shower people around you with compliments today. It´s so easy to forget to say those nice things we think about. Simply don´t put it off. Compliment others´ effort.

And in the afternoon its´family-day! Go out and have fun! Remember to dress warmly, it´s cold outside! Make a snow-man! Build a snow-ball-hut for a candle! Pack a picnic of peanut-butter-and-jelly-sandwiches! Laugh till your belly shakes!

25. Find all the clothes that need mending, and do something about it! Play you favorite 80´s music while you work.

26. Go blog-hopping! Start with a blog you know (like mine, since you´re already here :-) ), click on a link on the righthand side, After looking at that blog, pick another link from the last one you visited, and so on. You never know where you´re going to end up. It´s a cheap way to travel the world :-)

Australia Day is a national holiday in Australia celebrating national pride and culture, and an opportunity to recognize and enjoy accomplishments. Many Australians use this day to explore and learn more about their national identity and culture. Celebrate your Australian friends. If you don´t have any, find an Australian blog-buddy. You can start by visiting my Australian blog-buddy Andrew Finnie.

27. Listen to the music of Pink Floyd. Make a picture inspired by what you hear.

National chocolate cake day. Guess how I´m going to celebrate this one 😉

Mozart´s birthday. If you haven´t seen the film “Amadeus”, today is a great opportunity to get to know the era of pastel decorations and high, white wigs, and this life-loving young genius!

28. Sort out your freezer. Bring a note-pad and a pen. Afterwards, make a menu for the next couple of weeks, using some of all that food. There´s a lot of money to be saved by eating it, instead of forgetting it, and tossing it because it´s too old.

Find your old kazoo. Bring it to work. See if you can bring out some smiles at lunch-hour 🙂

29. Walk around your house with a digital camera. Take pictures of all your reds. Mix them together in a collage on your computer. You now have the perfect background for a page in your art-journal.

Make a beautiful painting, let it dry and take a color-copy of it. Glue it down on an old puzzle. Once the glue is dry, carefully cut along the lines from the back with a scalpel, and you have a new and personal puzzle. You can also use a photograph of course.

Freethinkers day. Now this is worth celebrating! Without the liberty of thought and speech, how would the world evolve?!

30. Weekend-project: find an old frame that you don´t use anymore. Make a soft wooden plate the size of the opening (on the back-side), dress it with a layer of soft fiber-filling, then your favorite textile. Hang it up in your bathroom, or bedroom, and you have a great place for your ear-rings to rest when you´re not wearing them.


31. Well, if you ask me, there´s good reason to celebrate: the coldest month of the year is over! :-) And let´s celebrate by making brownies! Yay! Remember to send me suggestions on how to Celebrate February!

Inspire your heart with art-day! Isn´t that just a lovely way to celebrate a day?!

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3 Responses to “Celebrate January!”

  1. January Goody give-away! | Spindelmaker Janne Robberstad Says:
    January 2nd, 2010 at 17:42

    […] Celebrate January! […]

  2. debra Says:
    January 2nd, 2010 at 21:12

    And we can celebrate it because we are ALIVE! And experiencing our lives to the fullest. I’m just finishing a post about clearing things up.
    Happy New Year 🙂

  3. Carapace Says:
    January 26th, 2010 at 03:32

    Celebrate February by hiding inside and finding new blogs!:D

    And celebrate by shedding your winter skin- make or buy a good salt scrub, rub all down and lather it off! Then go sunbathe. Well, that might only work here in Texas, where we’re already getting 70 degree days. But do it if you can!

    I can’t find a way to follow you! Waaah, I don’t want to lose this blog!